Is Lombardi Labs the New Bill Nye?

Sarah Palin thinks Bill Nye is a hack, a celebrity posing as a legit scientist and using it to spread his liberal agenda. However, for millions of Gen Xers Nye was the sole voice outside of the classroom who could make science not only palpable but dare I say, “cool.” In this world of YouTube experts and pseudo-science Facebook posts, Tweets, and Buzzfeed stories there seems to be a need for a Bill Nye type figure who can, without bias, step in the middle of these debates to educate the masses.

Let's be honest... A generation is slipping through the cracks due to the constant bombardment of false or poorly researched ideas and theories can’t be preached to. They need someone that speaks their language and uses their median. This brings us to our latest discovery, Lombardi Labs. J.D. Lombardi is a science teacher turned YouTube virtuoso who is looking to bridge the gap between actual science and internet guff.

Is Lombardi Labs the new Bill Nye the Science Guy? No, it's a totally different concept, but it does have the potential to evolve into something even more impactful. With its offbeat tone, breaking of the fourth wall, and deer in the headlight zaniness, Lombardi Labs manages to take things like puppets and farts, and pull back the curtain on what would often be just a punchline in a normal show. Lombardi doesn’t seem to be afraid to push the envelope. As it develops, maybe the wild eyed Professor Lombardi will find ways to balance the tween audience with the adult in the way Paul Reubens mastered with Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Still, the potential is there, regardless if you are a stoned adult or sober pubescent kid, to create a new avenue for those that prefer to Google their facts rather than pull from what they’ve learned in school. It looks as if Mrs. Palin may have a new nemesis to do battle with soon.

Check out the first two episodes below:

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