Street Fighter V: Alex Could Play Different

It seems Ono wants to give everyone a better understanding of the Street Fighter universe. It looks like he wants to incorporate ALL of the Street Fighter games and show canon in each character, that way we get a better understanding of who fits where in the timeline. In an interview with VICE GAMING, Ono also spoke on Alex's involvement and (maybe) a new fighting style.

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"We've mentioned the keyword 'reset' quite a lot, and you might think about a PC where you reboot the whole thing," Ono began. "We're not looking at it in that sense! We do want existing SF4 players to come back, so we're not going to wipe the slate completely clean. But we really want to bring new players in to experience Street Fighter for the first time.

"With SF4, the rulebook for that game has gotten pretty big, so we're going to have to toss it out the window in order to attract these new players."
Despite the reset, Capcom is still looking to make Street Fighter 5 appeal to players that have been with the Street Fighter franchise for years. And as Ono says, experienced players might find some surprises in Street Fighter 5, especially from its DLC characters.

"The beta tests we have been running have been very challenging. We're going to be aggressively testing the game between now and its launch, as online play is such an important aspect of SF5," Ono explained. "As for characters, we're still working on the details of each individual character but, yeah, it's absolutely possible that even experienced players will see some surprises, like Vega going from a charge to a command character.

"Like, for Alex, you might find that he plays completely different, or we might do something really crazy and shave his head. (Laughs) Just wait until the information about these characters leaks in the near future."
Be on the lookout, Street Fighter V is 1 month away.
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