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The ICW is a Create-A-Wrestler WWE 2K16 Universe on Playstation 4. The ICW will operate on YouTube starting EARLY DECEMBER. The pilot will be airing Nov. 16th. The ICW airs 2 shows on Tuesdays & Fridays every week, and the PPV's are every 2 weeks. Tuesday Night Turmoil is the Tuesday show and Friday Night Fire is the Friday show, there will be a Turmoil & Fire show twice a week.
The ICW Championship Titles are being created and we also take submissions.
ICW World Championship
ICW International Championship
ICW Television Championship
ICW Cruiserweight Championship
ICW Tag Team Championship
ICW Women's Championship
ICW Rising Star Championship

Tuesday Night Turmoil
Friday Night Fire
Sunday Night PPV Series (6 shows)
Sunday Night Storm
Caged (Hell In A Cell)
Ring Kings
Battle Royale (Royal Rumble)
Fright Fights
WRESTLEWARS (WrestleMania)

RULES for CAW's:
1. UPLOAD with Playstation 4 Community Creations. *Include #UFBICW in Search Box so we can find your CAW.
2. OVERALL must be under 90.
3. Create 2 Attires
4. Move-set & Abilities MUST be set to who your character is. NO Bionic superstars & divas.
5. Once we receive 16 wrestlers we can begin.
6. Create-A-Titles are also accepted, if we choose your title, it'll be the day before our first show. (Tuesday Night Turmoil).
7. All info concerning your CAW can be sent via e-mail at

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