The San Diego Film Festival

Founded in 2001, the San Diego Film Festival, currently produced by the San Diego Film Foundation, is the region’s premier showcase for outstanding U.S. and international independent film making. The five-day event is an entertaining, enlightening and educational gathering that embraces the region’s diverse cultural landscape, enhances the arts community and expands the economic vitality of San Diego. Learn more about the San Diego Film Festival at, or on Facebook and Twitter.

About the San Diego Film Foundation
The San Diego Film Foundation is a nonprofit organization that produces the annual San Diego Film Festival. Its mission is to support the art of independent film making through producing an annual film festival, developing stimulating film-related events throughout the year, supporting and nurturing student film making programs in local schools, supporting the development of the local film making industry, and enhancing the economic growth of San Diego.

The San Diego Film Festival's 2015 Competition and Audience Award winning films.

2015 Competition Award Winners:
  • Best Feature: Diablo
  • Best Documentary: India's Daughter
  • Best International: Victoria
  • Best Family: Operation: Neighborhood Watch!
  • Best Military: No Greater Love
  • Best Short: Sub Rosa
  • Best Animation: Soar
  • Kumeyaay Award: For Blood
  • Chairman's Award: Kidnap Capital
2015 Audience Award Winners:
  • Best Feature:  Moments of Clarity
  • Best Documentary:  Return to Dak To
  • Best Short:  Gunfighter
  • Best Studio:  He Named Me Malala 

My personal favorite film of the event was Mississippi Grind. Mississippi Grind is an amazing feature staring Ben Mendelsohn (Blood Line, Killing them softly) and Ryan Reynolds that showcases the realness and stakes of being a high roller and the twists and turns of gambling and how it can impact one's life. The writing of this movie is very well done and the symbolism and signs of the bets placed and chances the characters took within gambling were portrayed in a clever fashion. The ups and downs that come with putting it all in the line are realistically portrayed in this feature. The contrast between Ryan Reynolds (Curtis) and Ben Mendelsohn's character (Gerry) was witty and amusing. The down and out worrier of a looser played by Ben Mendelsohn countered by the ever so care free "good luck" charm of Ryan Reynolds. As you watch this film various things can be acknowledged as the true form of loss. Is it loosing all your chips? Giving up on true love? Or running from those close to you that make you a true loser? Is winning defined by who has the most chips at the end of the day or the relationships with the ones we want closes to us? Mississippi Grind is charming and will hold your interest from start to finish. I recommend this film for any movie patron that admires strong acting and a great script. I rated this movie 4 stars at the San Diego Film Fest. I greatly recommend you see it when it hits theaters this fall. "See you in Peru."

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