Hey guys, long, long time since we've done one of these. This was at one point one of our greatest most viewed categories and we hope to re-ignite that fire with this interview today. This just might be the best interview segment we EVER had. We spoke with a young Mexican cosplayer by the name of Atenea. ENJOY..

Atenea - Hello to all my friends at #UnitedFanboyz. I want to thank you for giving this interview, I hope to have the best of luck and much success.
Hola a todos mis amigos de unitedfanboyz. quiero agradecer por brindarme esta entrevista, espero tengan la mejor de las suertes y mucho éxito.

#UFB - When did you start and what inspired cosplay start?

Atenea - I started about four years ago to develop cosplay when I finished my school, my classmates from school were fans of anime and I thought that in my city no anime conventions were done , I thought only in other countries and they encouraged me to attend events and I loved it. I went only with a skirt and bow schoolgirl costume. I took pictures and made many new friends from there who could each attend conventions.
yo comencé aproximadamente hace 4 años a elaborar cosplay cuando termine mi preparatoria, mis compañeras de la escuela eran muy fans del anime y yo creia que en mi ciudad no se hacían convenciones de anime, pensaba que solo en otros paises y ellas me alentaron a asistir a eventos y me encanto ya que solo por ir con una falda y moño de colegiala me tomaban fotos e hice muchos nuevos amigos desde ahi asistía cada que podia a las convenciones.

#UFB - Which of your costumes has been the hardest thing to do?

Atenea - Considering each of my suits have something that costs me. Elaborate but the most difficult so far is that of I-no and the Suigintou. Since I made with design different for them to have better view and were not simple, perhaps for that dress Suigintou burn 5m hahahaha!!! velvet was a disaster, until finally I stay as wanted.
concidero que cada uno de mis trajes tiene algo que me. Cuesta elaborar pero el mas difícil hasta el momento es el de i-no y el de suigintou ya que los hice con diseño diferente para que tuvieran mejor vista y no fueran sencillos, quizá también por que en el vestido de suigintou queme 5 metros de terciopelo hahahaha y fue un desastre, hasta que por fin me quedara como queria.  

#UFB - What are your other hobbies and what new skills they have acquired because of cosplay?

Atenea - Thanks to cosplay I started studying fashion design and between courses professional makeup, I learned to handle many materials and fabrics, learned to develop my imagination and do things that seem impossible with fabrics and with certain materials. Also learned to model and aposar as well as to characterize a character but more important to be empathetic and socialize with people because I WAS very shy.
Gracias al cosplay comencé a estudiar diseño de modas y entre a cursos de maquillaje profesional, eh aprendido a manejar muchos materiales y telas, aprendi a desarrollar mi imaginación y a hacer cosas que parecen imposibles con las telas y con ciertos materiales tambien aprendi a modelar y aposar al igual que a caracterizar un personaje pero lo mas importante a ser empatica y a socializar con las personas ya que era muy tímida.

#UFB - So you say your height is 1.58 without heels, what is 1.58 in the United States? 

Atenea - 5.183 feet tall, so basically between 5'1" & 5'2".
5.183727034120735 foot.

#UFB - Wow, that's an ideal height that men want women to be, lol. What conventions have you attended in the states?

Atenea - Uh, I attended more than 40 events around my country. For all states, the most important comic-con I've been to the most internationally.
eh asistido a mas de 40 eventos al rededor de mi pais por todos los estados el mas importante ah sido la mole comic con internacional.

#UFB - What is calendar for the rest of year?

Atenea - Attending this 31st of October and 1st of November to an event of international games and iii Coliseum in Guadalajara vs Animestle next week in Chiapas, 13th - 15th of November Imagine Oaxaca and 28th and 29th of November in Yokohama Torreon.
asistire este 31 de octubre y primero de noviembre a un evento de videojuegos ya internacional coliseo vs iii en guadalajara y siguiente semana animestle en chiapas, 13 14 y 15 de noviembre imagina oaxaca y 28 y 29 de noviembre en yokohama torreon.

#UFB - Is there any advice you would give aspiring cosplayers?

Atenea - Yes, Never give up and do not heed absurd comments. You must always look ahead and set goals for improvement.
que jamas se rindan y que no hagan caso a comentarios absurdos siempre hay que mirar hacia delante y fijarse metas para superarse.

#UFB -Who are your favorite photographers?

Atenea - Odin say Vazquez, Erick Alejandro Murillo B, Martin Dollars, and Enrique Macias. Cosplay Couture & Oscar Dumas.

#UFB - What inspired the name of Athena cosplay?

Atenea - Athena is actually my real name and I think it was my destiny to be here as hahahaha cosplayer.
realmente atenea es mi nombre verdadero y creo que era mi destino estar aqui como cosplayer hahahaha.

#UFB - How can you be reached on Social media?

Atenea -
FACEBOOK - athena cosplay
TWITTER - athena cosplay
INSTAGRAM - athena cosplay

We appreciate your time. Once again, I look at this as probably our best interview on the United Fanboyz website. We hope to do more work with you in the near future. Thank you.

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