Street Fighter V News before E3 2015

I did a post about a week ago telling everyone who I think will be in Street Fighter V. I didn't really know the timeline of the game, but I was hoping for it to take place maybe during or right after Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. And this video from Maximilian Dood of Ryu parrying makes me think I would be right. Check out Street Fighter V: Who's In?? 

This interesting YouTube video from BornFree explains why Street Fighter V could have Alex & Oro in it. Check it out:

New details for Street Fighter V include:
  • V-Trigger and V-Skill are the games new mechanics. This iteration of Street Fighters has done away with Ultras and Focus Attack. 
  • Street Fighter V runs at Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo speed.
  • V-Skills can be used freely, at the cost of no meter. 
  • V-Trigger gives fighters a unique play-style. It can be activated by hitting the heavy buttons together when the V-Gauge is full. 
  • Backdash is throw invincible, but vulnerable to hits.
  • Crush Counter – new mechanic, unique stun state on certain attacks on counter hit, much like Fatal attacks in Blazblue. Thanks Eventhubs

Who do YOU think will be showing up in Street Fighter V? How do you feel about the V-Gauge?

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