Street Fighter V: Who's In??

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Even better than the cast is when do these events take place, before or after Street Fighter 3: Third Strike??? Inquiring minds want to know. Will Ono go with new & improved or complete nostalgia? Shoryuken reported that the current Street Fighter timeline goes in this order. Street Fighter 1, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 4 & Street Fighter 3. I totally agree.

I've voiced by issues about the direction Ono is going in with the Street Fighter series. I also feel like this game, Street Fighter 5, should look better. I know we still have some time to go before release, but from what I see, it could be better, I mean it is on a next gen system. To dive in deeper, the original question is, Who's in this game & Who should be in this game?

I Have A Theory

I'm hoping that this game takes place after Third Strike. Look at what MKX did. The story advanced about 25 years. It has Nostalgia, with a crap load of new features and characters, and story mode is All Love. The concept was old with new, concentrating on more of the new. 8 new characters, 16 classic and 2 we haven't seen in a long time. I honestly would have went with half & half, but I ain't mad at all.
Street Fighter has way more characters than MK, the only thing is ever since Ono took over, his character selection has been lack luster. For example, Street Fighter 4 started with only 4 new characters and added 1 new character in the process. Crimson Viper, Hakan, El Fuerte, Rufus and Abel. I would take 15 old school characters, add 10 new characters to the mix and of course have Akuma & Gill as hidden characters.
 Here's what I came up with, Ono, PLEASE give us at least 8-10 NEW characters. Also keeping that nostalgic feel, here are the characters I would like to see in Street Fighter 5:

Chun Li





C. Viper
With these 15 characters, plus 10 newbies, Street Fighter 5 could merge nostalgia with new swag. Do you agree?? Who do you want to see on Street Fighter 5?


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