Spawn to MKX?? NOT!!!

If you're hoping Spawn might still show up in Mortal Kombat X, you might have those thoughts stomped down a bit by recent statements NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon made.

Back in February of this year, McFarlane stated he gave NRS permission to use Spawn in a couple of games, but that there's a window of time.

Boon said he didn't remember those claims though, even though NRS was initially discussing having Spawn in MKX.

"Spawn was a character we definitely had discussion about who could be a guest character," said Boon.

"I saw an interview with Todd McFarlane where he said that he offered [Spawn] to us, but I don't remember that conversation," he added.

Boon was asked about variations, specifically, what inspired to put him in the game. Boon had previously said that variations were favorite mechanic in MKX.

"[Variations] evolved from a much smaller subset at first," expressed Boon.

He noted that Street Fighter Alpha 3 was an inspiration for this idea, where you could pick an ISM mode, which added some different attributes to the fighters.

"The original idea was to do something like that, but then we just kept building on that," said Boon. "Let's do something a little more deeper than that, more than one move."

He stated that the initial process kept expanding from there, and that at some point, it became a different version of every character, like we see now in MKX.

"Over the course of maybe 6 months, or something, from the original idea until now, everybody added their own two cents to it," Boon concluded.SOURCE: Twin Galaxies Twitch Stream
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