Google's Wireless Service!? Available Tomorrow!?

Yes the title is true. According to The Wall Street Journal, the tech. giant and Android deliverer is set to enter the wireless service world. Google may also make the jump in the crowded service waters as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday) too.

Googles wireless service will operate on Sprint and T-Mobile's networks. It is said that the service will work along side the current networks (which ever has the strongest signal will be in use). In addition this service will only work on Google's flagship mobile device the Nexus 6.

While I am excited for "new" and fresh approaches from the big software companies, we will have to wait and see if this new venture for Google is worth it.  Like Google fiber this service will not be pushed against the big boys, AT&T and Verizon. Also there are a lot of details that we will have to wait for from the official announcement. I have \major questions that are around price, availability, and the impact on the devices battery with all that network switching.

What is the benefit for Googles new wireless service? We may know that answer tomorrow.
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