Today we have comic artist and writer Mr. Eric Hutchison with us. We've known E-Hutch for close to 2 years now, he was a guest of honor at the United Fanboyz Comic-Con as well as a guest at another convention I promote, The Underground Comic-Con. He also runs his very own convention in New York, INBEON-Con.

How's it going Eric, let the people know a bit more about you.

It’s been amazing man. I started Inbeon because I saw a lot of the problems with trying to break into the industry when no one knows you. My goal was to make a platform for talented individuals to show their stuff and hopefully get opportunities from it. I used to be a Computer Engineer and IT Instructor before this and even though it paid the bills, I still felt like something was missing. I think a lot of people feel that way about their day job. The game changer for me was that I was able to attend New York Comic Con as an exhibitor. I felt at home. The studio was transformed into the worlds of both comics and animation. I enjoy what I do and I have helped others to get their start in this industry as well.

Alot of people known Inbeon Studios because of Crimson Huntress, What else do you offer Inbeon fans?

Crimson Huntress was one of two of the companies initial launch titles the other being Neo Revolver, a sci-fi epic created by Chris Cope. Since then we have collaborated and published many other projects in the areas of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes and manga, most notably a post-apocalyptic hero’s tale called The Titan Corps: Spartan Elite by Will Falcone and a manga fantasy adventure of a fox demon who lost her memory in Kitsunegari by Talia Parker.

Tell us about Crimson Huntress and the direction the character is going in?

When I started the book I wanted to prove to myself that I could tell a great story. I wanted to create a character that embodied the things I have struggled with in my life. The protagonist Ember is initially shown as a strong heroic character fighting horrific beasts known as the Revenant. Although this is amazing to look at and is a fun to draw, It is not where the core of the story is. In the third issue we see Ember as an observant but timid teenage girl who is haunted by the world she lives in.

Why do you think indie cons are so important (Inbeon-Con, United Fanboyz Comic-Con and Underground Comic-Con), just to name a few?

Indie cons are important because they can fill the gaps that larger Comic Cons tend to leave out. Inbeon Con was created specifically to focus on Artist that usually take a back stage to the larger entertainment focused events.

What have you learned about the comic book industry that keeps you wanting more?

One of the main things that keeps me moving forward in comics is that I know this is the time of the independent. Never before have we been able to access and showcase our craft to the world. There will always be the big guys out there pushing everyone around but quality storytelling and artistry combined with great interaction with your audience easily will equal a level of success over time. 

What is it like as a creator to release a new comic?

It is a unique experience for me. It kind of feels like a combination of excitement, relief, disbelief and angst all wrapped up into one crazy emotion. As I write and draw more I become more confident in my skills but ultimately I simply want my audience to enjoy my creation. When someone takes the time to tell me how the story touched them or how the art inspired them, it means the world to me.

What got you started with comics, who were your favorite characters coming up and how does it attach itself to the work you do now?

My grandfather use to give me old horror comics when I was young. I loved dark and flawed characters like Batman and Wolverine. I really fell in love with Image Comics.

Are you a fan of Cosplay? I ask because costume play is huge now. Does it outweigh the core or is it a perfect fit?

Yes I am. I've never done it myself but I am a big fan. There is an incredible amount of creativity that goes into putting the costumes together. Also I am from New Orleans, so every Comic Con with cosplay is like a Mardi Gras Carnival to me.

What are some of your future projects coming?

I have a couple of secret projects that will be coming out later this year. For right now we are focusing on gaining a depth of issues with the series we currently have.

What does your convention schedule look like this year?

Packed. The big ones are C2E2, Special Edition, Eternal Con, Boston CC, Baltimore Comic-Con, NYCC. We are also doing an InbeonCon: Summer Edition (8/8/15) and Winter Edition (12/12/15) on Long Island, NY this year. 

How can new fans see what you are doing?

Inbeon Studios

Art by Eric Hutchison for United Fanboyz Comic-Con 2014

Hey Eric, if you have any other acknowledgements, the floor is yours. Hope I see you guys at least 3 times in 2015. You are a constant reminder to why my work will become successful and I can't wait to see a new Psionic/Crimson Huntress mash-up. 

Much respect man. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to it.

 Art by Jim O'Riley for United Fanboyz Comic-Con 2014
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