The United Fanboyz caught up with artist Willy McFarland. How’s it going, tell everyone a bit about yourself. 

I’m Willy McFarland. I’m from San Diego and currently reside in the Ocean Beach neighborhood. I started concentrating on art in 2010 when I began taking classes at 
Academy of Art University. I focused on Concept Art initially and it wasn’t until 
about 2013 that I started to do pinups. I’ve been working at it ever since.   

Was art something you pursued as a child or was there something else that attracted you to it? 

I always drew as a child growing up. I remember getting my hands on tracing paper 
and tracing comics. All through High School and College I doodled through every 
single one of my notebooks. None of it was any good and I never thought I’d be an 
artist but looking back now it was definitely a part of me from an early age.   

Who were specific artists that you followed coming up? 

Most of the artists I followed when I started doing art were concept artists for games 
and movies. Later I started following the gods of babe drawing like Alberto Ruiz, 
Otto Schmidt, Chris Sanders, Ish, and the list goes on.  I think it’s of the utmost 
importance to consume art. The more the better. 

What was some of the best advice you got from artists that have been around for some time? 

The best advice I ever heard from experienced artists was to keep doing what you love.  
If you love it, you’ll do it regardless, eventually people will see that love come through 
the work.  All the best advice is boils to this though: ‘keep at it’.   

What artists have you worked with? 

I haven’t collaborated with any other artists yet, but I do look forward to. 
Do you do all of your inking and coloring? 

Yes I do all of my inking and coloring. I have several tutorial videos on how I do this
on my youtube channel that everyone can see once they finish checking out the Q&A. 
I would greatly appreciate it. 

Is there a specific character you ever thought about drawing in a comic book series? If so, why? 

One of my favorite characters out there is Cat Woman.  I would definitely like to draw 
her more, there’s just so many cool poses that you can do. 

Do you have a desire to ever work on a comic book title? 

I would love to do some work on comic book covers.  For now attempting any 
sequential art is on the back burner. 

What does your 2015 convention schedule? 

At the moment I am not attending any conventions as an exhibitor.  

How can new fans see you?
New fans can follow me on 
Instagram: @_willustrator

Thanks for taking some time to speak with us, we looking forward to collaborating again very soon and hopefully we can see you at the United Fanboyz Comic-Con in October.

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