EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alex Fernandez (Body Jumpers)

Hey everyone we've got Alex Fernandez here with us, I have been trying to catch up with you for a while please introduce yourself to everyone. 
Hi, I am Alex Fernandez the creator/Director of the hit sci- fi web series Body Jumpers.
I have family in Brooklyn and upstate New York. Rochester to be exact, it's February, what is the weather like there?                                                                                                                             I am in Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn in the Roosevelt Houses just a few blocks from where Spike Lee filmed DO THE RIGHT THING and right now the weather is nothing short of cold. There's a lot of snow having just been thru the snow storm that pounded the east coast earlier this week.
You have a sci-fi web series called body jumpers that will be coming to Xbox this year. Explain what body jumpers is.  

Body Jumpers is a part urban part sci-fi web series that follows the Story of Shia'ra a female agent sent to earth by the I.D.A.(Interplanetary Department of Agents) to secretly protect the humans from Lord Primus and his band of assassins. She is assigned to patrol Section 112 Bed Stuy, Broooklyn. They all heroes and villains have special powers for example Shia'ra the hero of the show has the ability to fly. Kora is a Pyrokinetic. She can control fire at her will and so on. So there is always something exciting happening from episode to episode as well as watching the characters grow.

What impact do you want to make with body jumpers? 

Well Body Jumpers is a web series where the main hero is an african - american female. The cast is predominately female it is two subjects that i think the film industry is for some reason or another still struggling with. Just take a look at this years Oscar's nominations and thats proof enough. There is not enough diversity in the film industry. We need to see more and I mean all minorities in general. I grew up and live in New York City, The melting pot. I would like to see more of a melting pot on screen.  SO the impact i would like to make  with Body Jumpers is to show people that you can have a series or films with a female african american hero and lead who is not on drugs,a hooker,a mistress,an ex con, a loser mom or comedy relief, doesn't die first and guess what people will still like it and support it if you have a good story to tell. All the women on the show are strong characters and i would like to see more women getting a chance at bat in front and behind the cameras.

What was your inspiration behind the creation of body jumpers? 

My inspiration for the show came from a funny place that is the initial idea to create a series. You see I graduated from film school in 2008 afterwards i did freelance for a few years. But all the while friends that knew me kept saying alex you need to do something create something. At first i was hesitant then one day in 2012  i was sitting in my room talking with my friends and i said i got it. I wanna do a web series about a female hero who lives in bed stuy and saves people and no one knows that she is a hero. Now not only that I also want her to be black and i was surprised that my black friends said she needed to be white otherwise it would not be "popular". Once i got that response i knew i had to do it. I knew it was not even their fault for thinking that way, that train of thought goes back to what i said about diversity in hollywood if you grow up your whole life seeing only white heroes then just the thought of a black hero or a black female hero  succeeding seems very difficult to many people. Then the rest fell in place i grew in the 1970's and my parents and brothers would take me to see a lot of films all kinds old and new and some of those films were Black Exploitation films like Coffee,Cleopatra Jones,Shaft,Superfly etc. So i wanted a Pam Grier from space attitude and under tones.

What other projects have you worked on besides body Jumpers and how does it help your progression now? 

I Directed a few documentaries one called Glory Days: My Life As A Sniper on a marine sniper from the 1980's and Full Force: A Family's Journey to Success on the classic musical group. Afterwards I created Sin Chronicles a sci-fi story about a female bounty hunter named Sin. It is a comic book series which i am currently making it into an 3D animated short titled Sin Chronicles : The Bounty Hunter that will be released later this year. In the 2 years since i started Body Jumpers i have progressed a lot with all the hats i juggle doing the series. I write,shoot,edit,create the visual fx,the posters everything. I have no crew only a set of amazing and dedicated actors and actresses. Now we also have Body Jumpers Comic Books which was really a whole new field to me writing the stories for the live action series and the comic book counter part has been an amazing experience for me as well as the cast seeing themselves as comic book characters. Just have to say thank you to all the amazing artist that are part of Body Jumpers team.

Do you plan on setting up at random Comic Con's this year? 

If so, where? Yes , we do plan on hitting the convention circuit this year. The first one you can catch Body Jumpers is at ICC CONVENTION-Baker Comics, JUL 24-25TH, 2015, Hyatt Place Orlando Airport.

Who would you say you look up to in the industry or would get encouragement from in the business?

My favorite director of all time is Alfred Hitchcock he is the director i probably study the most but also other greats like Godard, Fellini, Truaffant, Kurosawa, Griffith and many more. I love the old films the black and whites, silent you can learn so much from watching an old film.I watch a movie a day everyday and i advise anyone who wants to be a film maker to watch old films and foreign films it helps you a lot in many different ways.

Who is the cast of body jumpers? And shout out the production crew.

Patricia Lisanne is Amy Brooks/Shia'ra, Linda Delmonico Prussen is Kora, Gretchin Natalie Noel is Seraphim, A. Marie Walter is Agent Nexus, Harold B, Gibson is Agent Darius. Parisse Daves is Tasha Brown/Pink Hammer, Danielle Harper is Persephone, Daisy Taveras is Aurelia and our special guest star Bowlegged Lou Of Full Force and the House Party films is Lord Primus. I have no production crew since i do it all by myself

How can all of your new fans see your work and what's coming next?

They can catch us on You tube at on to watch the show. They can also visit our Facebook,twitter and instagram pages and then Later this year they can catch Body Jumpers on Xbox, Amazon Fire HD, Roku, Opera TV presented by After Hours HD Channel. Season 1 blu ray/Dvd of Body Jumpers and body Jumpers comic book series all available on

Instagram- @bodyjumpers

Hey Alex thanks for joining us at United Fanboyz, we hope to hear from you soon and will definitely see you in the near future. Are there any other acknowledgments you would like to give?
I'll shout out my kids Gabriel and Faith , Gisele Fernandez my wife who is Executive producer of the show, My friend Billz who plays bandit the gadget guy in season 1 of the show and created the theme song for the show, Max Medema who helps so much behind the scenes with transporting cast to and from the set and a lot of other things My Manager Paul Anthony of Full Force. Shout out to ALL the Body Jumpers Comic Book artists Terance baker, Sean Vincent Harley, Winston Jordan, Norv Henry, Jean - Paul Germain , Corley Manning , Jason Fernandez  you guys rock! Thank you so much.
Here is the Anime based on my comic book series.

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