EA's Madden is Obsolete

Visual Concepts was a subsidiary to 2K Sports video games. In 1999 the NFL 2K series was introduced by Sega Dreamcast to address Electronic Arts decision not to publish Madden NFL on the Sega console.

NFL 2K and 2K1 were exclusive to Sega, but after Dreamcast went under NFL 2K became the platform rival to EA Sports Madden NFL.

EA and Madden had been in existence since 1988. The Madden franchise had made over 4 million dollars in total sales, with such a following it was hard to say EA had competition, but when ESPN 2K5 was released in July 2004 it was only $19.99. It was one of the biggest moves in video games NFL 2K5 was not only better but it was cheaper. Madden finally had competition right? wrong.

In December 2004 EA signed an exclusive deal with the NFL for an undisclosed amount of money. It made Madden football the only series to allow NFL teams and players EA. The chumps that they are decided to go at ESPN to become the only licensee of ESPN's brand in sports games on all platforms. They basically monopolized football in video games.

All the Madden games made since have been uncontested and bland, especially when you take into account that NFL 2K5 is compared to Madden 2015, and honestly it's better.
I'll explain shortly. In March 2013 the NFL explained, if you want to call it explaining, its position on the exclusive license. Since the exclusive license was signed in 2004 no one from the league has ever publicly addressed the frustration that many felt as market options were taken away leaving only Madden. posted the Q&A in 2013.
Q: George, I wanted to ask you about the madden exclusive license. Do you plan to end this soon? The the 9-yr exclusive license ends this year and the fans are sick and tired of not having a choice of picking a nfl game to play. Madden is becoming stale and the community wants 2k sports to have a chance to make video games again. Nfl 2k5 was the best representation of the nfl to this date…. Please make this happen Mr. Atallah. Thanks for your time
Atallah: We have an agreement with EA and Madden. I have heard some opinions like yours, but honestly, EA is one of our best partners. I know they hear some of your input as well and work to improve the game every year.
Q: Sorry Mr. Atallah, but I will not purchase another ea nfl licensed game until the consumers are ale to have a choice again. The consumers should be in your best interest sir.
Atallah: I’m sorry to hear that. One thing to clarify though, my job and the job of the NFLPA, is to ensure that the players’ interests are top priority. I know that might not be the most popular answer, but it’s our mission.SOURCE:

There have been petitions signed by thousands and thousands of fans to open the market for console NFL games as well as creating NFL 2K15, I signed both.
Madden has been a very lazy title because they know us as fans have no place to turn. Let's compare ESPN NFL 2K5 to the current Madden NFL 2015.

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So... What should happen? 
E3, also known as the Electronics Entertainment Expo will be in June 2015. This would be a perfect opportunity to show some type of prototype, because if you didn't know, the agreement between the NFL and EA Sports has expired.
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