Marvel: Phase 3 Casting

If the Amazing Spider-Man was to return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Would Civil War be his coming out party & who should play his role?

1. Reeve Carney
2. Zac Efron
3. Robert Pattinson

With Guardians of the Galaxy coming in 2017, and the easter eggs planted in GOTG 1, who do you think will play Adam Warlock in the sequel?

1. Viggo Mortensen
2. Charlie Hunnam

What about Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Rumors has been leading to Emily Blunt, which I have no problem with, but here are two other candidates.

1. Natalie Dormer
2. Jessica Chastain
3. Emily Blunt

What characters do you see making their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Daredevil?

I, personally would love to see Prince Namor and The original Human Torch. We know Namor is currently under contract with Universal Studios, STILL!!! Why? But what characters do you expect over the next 6 years?

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