Hi Lua, thank you for joining the United Fanboyz. Introduce yourself to everyone.

I go by Lua in the cosplay community. I'm just a 4'11 girl who loves her video games, comics, anime and collecting Funko 
pop dolls! I travel around the USA to cosplay and go to conventions with my friends! Plus.. I'm a ukulele master
Where are you from?

I'm from New Jersey! 

How long have you been Cosplaying?

Since 2012

What cons have you been to?

I've been to local cons mostly. AnimeNext, NYCC, wizard world Etc. last year I went to SDCC to work the booth for 
SuicideGirls and I had so much fun! I decided to do some traveling this year for conventions and I am so excited to start! 

What would you say was your favorite convention?

I really enjoy NYCC of course but I haven't been to many cons so I feel like I can't say until this year is over! 
I can say that I am the most excited for Colossalcon and I think it will easily become my favorite! 

Who does your photography?

I work with a lot of people all over the world! But most of my cosplay photography is by these guys: 

They are all great friends and amazing photographers to work with! :)

Do you create and design your own costumes?
Create. Yes. Design not so much.  I love to do characters 
based on fan art! Alternative outfits, cross overs, genderbends..  
Youname it! I love to bring a totally different character to life. I am 
horrible at bringing my own designs to paper. I can see it in my 
head perfectly - but never get it down. That's why I am lucky to have 
artistic friends who can help me out with that one! Haha. 

What are your views on sexism in the cosplay community?

Personally I feel that if a woman wants to cosplay a sexy character - 
she should. For example I've done Black Cat, her costume is revealing 
in the chest area. I have cosplayed Cammy and her back side is revealing 
as well. These are just a few of the costumes I've done that have parts 
of my body exposed and thats okay. These are just a couple of my favorite 
characters  that were designed with exposed parts.

I've read tons of  comments from both men and women on female cosplayers photos saying "oh she just planned that cosplay so she could
show her boobs" or other negative things along that line. And it isn't the case. Characters like this were DRAWN this way.  It always baffles 
me when I see someone shaming anther person for cosplaying a character in the correct way that it was designed..

Now this leads to another topic.. The issue of making a cosplay into a "Sexy" version.  Cosplay is all about having fun and showing your
creative though a hobby that you love. If I want to be a sexy Pokemon then I will be a sexy Pokemon. Hell I'm all for it! I personally don't 
see any reason to hate on another person because their costume is too "sexy" for your taste. 

Often you'll find comments from people saying things like "Oh she's just a slutty version of ___" "She's just doing a slutty version 
of ___ for attention". "This isn't real cosplay" .. Why the hell does that matter? We are all here doing the same thing - showing love 
for our characters.  Simple as that. 

In the end there is no wrong or right way to cosplay. We are all here in this community doing something we love and we should never 
feel discriminated against. I could go on and on about this subject but phew that was long! Haha  

Are you a comic book fan? Who are your favorite characters?

I am! I started to pick up more comics recently considering I've been slacking. I'm currently reading Saga and Fables! I think 
they are excellent. 

What is your 2015 Con schedule?

So far the ones that I am definitely attending are  Katsucon, AC Boardwalk Con, Colossal con, AnimeNext, Dragon con and NYCC! 
I have a few other cons that are a possibly like MegaCon for example.. But I won't know for a bit of I can attend! 

Would you say that you admire someone in cosplay? If so, who?

I would say I admire everyone in cosplay haha... But my favorite cosplayer is Destiny Nickelsen! I love her work and I really look up to her. 
She's so crafty and pays close attention to little details.

How can fans reach you?
INSTAGRAM - @luasuicide

TWITTER - @luasuicide

Again Lua, thank you for joining us at United Fanboyz and we hope to meet you soon.