Capcom Announces Dragon's Dogma Online

Japanese Game magazine Famitsu has revealed that Dragon's Dogma will be releasing an MMO free-for-all game based on the original. This online MMO supports up to one hundred players per town lobby. You can play in groups of four in quest, or up to parties of eight for raiding. If you wish to be left alone, feel free to take three AI pawns with you when forming your party of four. Players will enjoy gameplay in a new land called Lestaria. The battle system will remain similar to the original Dragon's Dogma. Players will battle large enemies in climactic battles. Each enemy also can break into an enraged state which causes their attacks to strengthen.

Players as well as AI pawns will have access to the following job classes;

-Shield Sage

Players will be able to switch jobs as often as they wish. The MMO will have open world game play with the world expanding more and more following each season after the game has launched.

A representative from Capcom Uk has mentioned that unfortunately there are no plans to release Dragons Dogma online in the west, so dont get your hopes up.

No worries with Capcom's "Deep Down" coming to the west.

Dragons Dogma Online will be available for the PC, PS3 and PS4 consoles.
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