Wow... Wow... Thank you for joining us at United Fanboyz. Please introduce yourself to everyone.

Heya!! Thanks for having me.  I’m Josephine but around these internet parts I’m known as The Venus Noire.

How long have you been cosplaying?

I’ve bee cosplaying for almost two years now. One of the best decisions I’ve made in a really long time. This is such an amazing hobby.

Where would this certain "Southern Wonderhoney" be from?

I’m from Charleston, SC. This really gorgeous town near the ocean. Lots of good food, and good people.

What do you like most about costume play? And the least?

I love the people I get to meet doing it. This year at Dragoncon I got to meet one of my favorite comic book artists and I get to meet fellow cosplayers. My least favorite thing about cosplay would probably be the sexism and racism that occurs within this community.

After experiencing con touring do you enjoy meeting and having fan interactions?

I do! I love meeting people who I follow or who follow me online. It’s great! Can’t wait to see more people during con season next year.

Do you create your own costumes?

I do!! I grew up watching my grandmother sewing all the time and didn’t really get into sewing until I started making costumes. It’s stressful at times but I’m constantly learning and improving. Being able to make something with my own hands and have it turn out great really does leave me feeling accomplished. Next year I’m going to be doing my armor and props, which I’m excited about.

What would you say is your best attribute?

My best attribute would probably be my friendliness. Life can be tough and you never know what people are going through so if I can say something nice or do something for someone, I do. You never know if that one comment or smile will help make their day a little better.  

What cosplayers do you follow? Would they be influences in why you started cosplay?

I follow a ton of cosplayers of color! I love Brichibi Cosplays, Princess Mentality Cosplay, Maki Roll’s Chop Shop, Jean Gomez, Panterona Cosplay, Aracknoid3 Cosplay, Jay Justice, Fooly Cooly Cosplay. I could seriously go on forever. So many amazing and inspiring cosplayers. I tend to follow and promote other cosplayers of color because most of the time they don’t get the attention they deserve. I’m also a huge fan of BelleChere. She makes amazing costumes and is always so sweet and helpful anytime I reach out to her.  

How eager are your fans to see new costumes?

There’s always a lot of excitement when I post about my next costume, which is great. I love when I post about a character or possible cosplay, and people talk about their favorite story arc, etc. I’m a big nerd and love talking about that sort of thing.

Let everyone know your 2015 con schedule. The 2nd Annual United Fanboyz ComicCon is next October, we also see that you are attending Otakon, Hopefully you'll be able to attend Baltimore Comic-Con too.

Captain's Comic Exp - March 7-8
SC Comicon - March 21-22
MB Comic Con - March 28-29
MegaCon - April 10-12
Retro Mega Comic Con - April 24-26
Atlantic City Boardwalk Con - May 14-17
MomoCon - May 28-31
Heroes Convention - June 19-21
Florida Supercon - June 25-28
MechaCon - July 17-19
Otakon - July 24-26
DragonCon - September 4-7
Anime Weekend Atlanta - September 24-27
New York Comic Con - October 8-11
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend Baltimore Comic Con next year since it’s the same weekend as AWA. It looks like an amazing convention though.

 How can fans reach out to you?

Website -        

Thank you so much for joining. I'm sure we will see you at some of your upcoming con's.
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