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Gamestop Expo is an event hosted by Gamestop for its managers and customers. It takes place in Anaheim, Ca at the Aneheim convention center ob September 10th, 2014. This Expo also has a preview night on where the adult tournaments take place. There are many events that kids, teens and adults can partake in. The tournament games include Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Dance Central, Ultra Street Fighter, Injustice, Titanfall and many others. I begin my day entering a lovely VIP lounge where the kids tournaments are now in place. There are also consoles open for Gameplay but unfortunately some of these kids parents didn't teach them any manners as I have been standing behind this Mario Kart 8 set up for four consequtive games now. VIP admission also allows early admission to the exibit hall. The give aways at this event have been unbelievable. I recieved 4 strategy guides that retail for $30 each in addition to the VIP swag I was already given. If you can't make E3 or another expo or con I highly suggest checking this one out. It's not over crowded. The lines for everything are brief and the swag is the best I have recieved even over Comic Con International and E3 in my opinion.

So far I have played the new Adventure Time game for Nintendo 3Ds. This game plays a lot like a Zelda game where you can cut bushes and your enemies. In this game Finn is on a quest thru three towers to find the three kidnapped princesses. This is an unusual task for Finn as he is in a new world he is unfamiliar with.
I have also played NIS Americas highly anticipated Fairy Fencer F. Upon first glance the battle system and caves to explore look identical to the Hyperspacedimension Neptunia series, but the movement is much smoother and the battle less stiff and more enjoyable. No shade to Neptunia of course. Being an aspiring journalist I was honored to meet the senior editor and staff of Game Informer magazine. I recieved their autographs on an amazing Destiny/Evolve duel sided poster. It was an honor for me and that will definately be framed in my new home in New York.

Moving on let me tell you guys about Atlus. Huge shout out to them. Every hour they are doing a raffle of amazing games. These games are for Vita, Ps3 and Xbox. They range from Catherine to rare editions of Mugen Souls that include the soundtrack. They are raffling about ten items an hour and in an event that is NOT over crowded you have a good chance to win. If you don't win its very simple to grab a ticket and try again. So far I've won an Etrian Odyssey Forest of Eternity artbook. I will now have to check this game out as the artwork seems legit. I now also have my third ticket to attempt to win again and can return more to win even more! You the real MVP Atlus! But wait there's more....Atlus is giving out amazing posters for both new Persona games and candy! Candy!!! I think I just cried a little typing this.

Funny story side I've never played any Persona fighter ever in life. I played against someone familiar with the game and found out the gist of my moves and bodied him. He claimed he was used to playing on pad not stick. I just trolled him like I was a seasoned Persona vet and said, "I play the game on stick all the time so don't feel bad." The reality of the situation was he lacked fighting game basics. He kept doing this unsafe move that left him open to my upslice launch in which I could juggle a bit thus having me deal more damage. Maybe well see me in the Persona Fgc soon because I'm not going to lie, that game was very fun to play. Persona Champ LipstickOnMe coming soon. :)

Some upcoming news for all you gamers out here may be that Cricket wireless is teaming up with Gamestop! I've recently dropped my old phone provider and so far the best thing about Sprint is that I can now Sprint on over to Cricket and get myself a new phone with no monthly contract! I also can live the dream of going to pick up some new games and pay my phone bill in the same trip. I'm all for this Cricket and Gamestop marrige and I with you many years of solid type Square Enix lovin.

It is now about 12pm and the amazing people at Gamestop have provided every man's dream.....a Madden EA sports lounging area! You can sit on nice sofas and play all the Madden you wish. You could also choose to sit on the side line circle seating area like myself, which also has a charging outlet for each person as they sit and relax. No more sitting on the floor along the wall to charge your device in exhibit hall. Hint Hint E3. There was no video or photos allowed of Mortal Kombat X. I will say this, the demo plays as beautifully as the videos you guys have seen on YouTube. I chose to play with Ferra/Torr because they looked beast. Their movement was pretty decent. They did not feel beyond slow which is great for a larger character. I chose the Vicious variation which allows me to throw Ferra as a weapon. The same eight characters everyone is already aware of was all we had access to in this demo. The Xrays are also very nice. I witnessed Cassie Cage's nut punch Xray which made me hurt even though I don't have that anatomy.

The next game I played was The Evil Within. When I asked if this game was scary then Outlast, the response I got was,"Easy." My follow up question was,"Ok then on a scale of 1-10 how scary is this game?" To which I was told, "An easy ten." I played the demo for literally two minutes. I walked thru a door and heard a loud noise and that was it for me. I watched many others play this demo and the most interesting thing I seen was a head cut open revealing the brains and the player having to place stakes thru it in specific spots. This game may top PT aka Silent Hills in horror upon release. If you are a fan of horror genre which I am NOT, I'd definatly recommend this game for you. The day was long and fun, but the love they show was ridiculous. Feel free to check out all my photos and if you love games in an area that's not overly crowded, I'd recomend you check out GameStop Expo.

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