IPhone 6 & Apple Watch: Samsung Killer or Copier

The Best Phones We Have Ever Done!” Apple CEO Tim Cook gushed as he introduced two new iPhones, the IPhone 6 which clocks in at 4.7inches and the IPhone 6 plus which debuts at a stunning 5.5 inches, finally putting Apple in the modern market of 5inch screen smartphones that have dominated Asia and parts of the United States. For years Iphone users have clung to their smaller 4 inch Iphone 5 screen, stating that anything over 5 inches was too clunky, which leads us to believe that the 4.7 inch IPhone 6 is a tweener phone that looks to bridge the gap between IPhone 5 users who most likely would have been alienated by the sole option of the bigger IPhone 6 plus. While it may seem like a cash grab, and that Apple is straddling the fence with two phones, it’s ensures that their core fan base will give the 6 a shot, while also threatening to steal HTC and Samsung lovers away with the larger version.

But wait, there’s one more thing…

The Apple Watch, the world’s worst kept secret, finally made its debut.  Users can choose watch faces that include minute and second hands, digital time and more. Apple Watch users can choose from six different straps including a sport band in bold colors with sweat and chemical-resistant material, even a 18k solid gold option. One of the flaws that have plagued Android watches were the lack of customization, some looked too rubbery while the metal ones looked cheap as opposed to sleek. Apple wants to give its users the option to swap out their watches in various ways until users achieve the perfect look to match the functionality of the watch.

As for that functionality, the Apple Watch comes with full access to the App Store, Siri, automates devices in your home and car, and allows for a new suite of fitness apps as well. Compatible with IPhones 5 and above, it remains to be seen what true synergy will be had between the Apple Watch, IPhone and even the IPad. However we expect Apple to really take advantage of applications that allow for cyborg like interaction when the Apple Watch debuts in early 2015 for $349.

In a smaller announcement that could be even more important in the years to come, Apple has created Apple Pay, a system that does away with credit card and cash payments and allows users to pay for items ranging from McDonald’s meals to Disneyland Tickets all from their phone with no need to input information with the vendor. While some may be weary given the hack prone world we live in, we believe that if Apple continues to get various brands on board, paying by phone will be the way of the future.

So, what do you fanboyz think of today’s announcements? Has apple finally given you the innovation you’ve been waiting for or are is this simply an exercise in trying to catch up with Samsung?
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