When did you begin cosplaying?

Costuming has always been part of my life in some way or another. When I was young my mom never got us store bought Halloween costumes; instead, she would ask us what we wanted to be, and then we would create the designs together. This inspired my young mind, and as a teen got involved backstage and eventually onstage, in local theater groups. It was there I began to hone my makeup, prop making, and styling skills. I even went to my high school prom in costume! (and no, you can't see the pictures! lolol).

Everyone recognizes you most as She-Hulk. Who else do you enjoy cosplaying?

I think I have the most fun when I'm cosplaying Nightcrawler. I love the characters spirit and it inspires a playfulness inside of me.  However, I really enjoy playing Badass villains like Red She Hulk too! Some of my other cosplays include: Wonder Woman, Electro (Spiderman movie), Echo Ronin(Daredevil), La Tarantula (Spiderman), Kat Manx (PowerRangers SPD), Dazzler (Marvel), Umbrella Agent (resident Evil), among many others.

What have you learned about the community since you started?

It's a really cool thing, and I'm glad to have it around. When I got started, there wasn't this huge community to reach out to. Now you can find friends that share your interests and passions and you can inspire each other, even from great distances. That's what I really love about cosplay, it brings all these crazy talented people together and everyone is celebrating their artistry in a dazzling display.  

Do you create and/or design your costumes?

I do both. A lot of costumes I do are Rule 63: a female version of a male character. I like doing this because it challenges my creativity and costume skills. I'm lucky enough to belong to an entertainment group called MOONBASE; we all help each other out with costumes and props.  My specialty is makeup, so I enjoy designing body paints and special FX for new costumes. It takes about 2 hours to put on a body paint, so I really create those costumes each and every time I put them on. 

Fans that know you agree that you bring more than big boobs and fake smiles to the community. How do you feel about people that get into cosplay for money and fame vs the love?

I was costuming long before I had any fans. If people are getting into cosplay for the money, then they are in for a sad surprise, since there's not a lot of money to be had.  If they are in it for the fame, then, even sadder. Cosplay is a niche within a niche. Being a famous cosplayer is about equivalent to being a famous ukilele player.  You are not a rock star or an NFL player. You are a person who likes to dress up in costume. If you are not doing it because you love to dress up in costume, then you will have a difficult time finding satisfaction in life. Cosplay is so fulfilling and makes me so happy, that even if I had no contact with the rest of the world, I would still do it in my home. It is my passion.  my home. It is my passion.  

You are also a rapper, correct? What would you describe your style as?

Indeed I am. You could describe my style in many ways: Nerdcore, Ghettogoth, Horrorcore... pick what you like, I don't really like to put labels on things. Have a listen to the music and see if you enjoy it. I like to combine a dexterous lyrical style with passionate feeling.

When did you start & who are your favorite artists?

I grew up with a drummer for a father and a brother. I started performing on stage in rock bands when I was in high school. Later I moved onto industrial music, and it all just kind of evolved into the style I've developed over the years. I listen to a wide range of music. Lyrically my influences range from Big Daddy Kane, Wu Tang, and Busta Rhymes to Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Marc Bolan.

What is the remainder of your con schedule?

Not too much left this year.  J1-CON 9/14 and RETRO-CON on 9/27 and 9/28.

How can your new fans follow you?


Thank you so much for smashing with us today. We can’t wait to have you on United Fanboyz Radio. Do you have any acknowledgements? 

I'd like to thank MOONBASE... Thank you for having me.

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