Marvel Studios: Fear Females

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is winning. They are winning because they have a plan. They don't rush and they don't let hardcore fanboyz and fangirlz interrupt there schedule. Have you ever wondered why the MCU has not let a woman star in their own feature film yet? Are you upset that there has not been a female led film yet in the MCU? Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain blasted the MCU for not having a female led movie, singling out Scarlett Johanson as The Black Widow. Does The Black Widow really deserve her own film? Do you understand the MCU? What would the film be about? Honestly, it would be Captain America without Captain America, she is a spy... A spy, that's it. This is what makes her role in the MCU so important. 

Scarlett has been in Iron Man 2, The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We already know she is in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America 3. So my question is what's the fuss about. She has been in more MCU films than Mark Ruffalo (Incredible Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye). She really does not need her own film. The rumor is that Carol Danvers aka Warbird/Ms Marvel will make her first appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Panter may even make his first appearance on that film as well. Diversity is important, BUT you have to do it smart, Joss Whedon and Kevin Fiege have a plan. JUST RELAX.

Think about the past female led films that either failed or never made it to the big screen. Should I remind you of Elektra and Wonder Woman??? Even Sony is trying to cash in on a Marvel female led movie, why? because they believe it will make them money, if the movie is garbage, it means nothing and it delays movies with good scripts for female leads. They said either Spider Woman, Black Cat or Silver Sable will get the lead. 

Have you seen the "FAKE" MCU schedule? 
There is honestly only 4 movies confirmed on this schedule. I'm almost certain Ms. Marvel will get a film. The Marvel Cinematic Universe can do no wrong at this present moment, just look at the success of The Guardians of the Galaxy. This further assures me that a female led movie is coming. The problem with people from the outside looking in is they don't know the plans and with social media blowing everything up, there is no need to share everything. The MCU is preparing everyone for the Infinity Gauntlet, Guardians of the Galaxy not only gave you Zoe Saldana as Gamora, but also introduced Ronan The Accuser, a Kree. The Kree was also mentioned in ABC's Agents of SHIELD. As a fan, you know that Carol Danvers gets her powers from the Kree Mar-Vell. RELAX...

Or, what about the upcoming ABC series Agent Carter starring Hayley Atwell? Also part of the MCU and a spinoff of the character Peggy Carter from Captain America: The First Avenger. Let me remind you guys, ALL OF THIS IS CONNECTED... All of the MCU films, the ABC series and the Netflix series are one big web, it's part of a master plan... Netflix is releasing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Defenders. And who knows, maybe we'll see Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) in the Daredevil series.

Don't try to force a group that has a plan into something that could disrupt the MCU timeline. It's coming, Disney/Marvel Studios is not going anywhere anytime soon. What else is there to say???

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