Thank you for joining United Fanboyz today Nana, introduce yourself to everyone.

Ohai! I'm Nana Valtiel I am from New York City, and I've been into cosplay about 8 years now. 

What cons have you attended over the past few years and where are you headed this year?

oof! So many ;-; Let's see, Gencon Indy, Dragon*con, Fanime, Florida Supercon, Megacon, Holiday Matsuri (for like 5 minutes lol), Katsucon, NY Anime Fest, NYCC, Wizard World Philly, Otakon, AnimeNEXT, AnimeUSA, Intervention, and Mokucon are the ones I've been to. 
Next up is Otakon, then Dragon*con, after that AUSA and of course United Fanboyz Comic-Con.

Do you think you could ever make a living off of cosplay? There are some cosplayers out there that actually quit there jobs and did it full-time, would this be a goal of yours?

I used to honestly. Then I started working booths and making money and then I missed all the fun that happened at cons and stuff. Now I just go for fun....When you do it for money you lose the luster, art, and matter how much you tell yourself how much you love it in the end. But that's my opinion lol.

The community has changed quite a bit from a few years back. It's gone from doing it for the love to now doing it for exposure and not necessarily a true love. What are your views on that?

I....ignore it? I do it for me and my sugar minions on my like page. I share my art because I choose to, not to be another "ZOMG #COSPLAYFAMOUS!!!". I make art....that's it. I love doing it because I've worked in fashion since I've started cosplaying, I've made amazing friends through it, and really if you're not doing it for the love at this point. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, its for the wrong reasons. If you get sponsored amazing! If you get noticed by a cast member of HOC; senpai noticed you! I really don't understand the pedastol people put cosplayers on. I live in the real world. Cosplay isnt forever. Sure if you make money in it, sweet you have my blessing....if not don't take it so seriously, have fun, make art, and be yourself. I'll respect the person a lot more.

What is your favorite cosplay that you have created? Do you creat all of your own costumes?

My multitudes of harley cosplays lol I literally have 11 of them...I'm a little obsessed. I don't make ALL of them. Because I have a real person job and real person life issues/worries lol so I do commission from time to time. Though after a few bad experiences I literally might just stick to my "if I cant figure it out, it just wont be made" policy haha

What are your other hobbies?

Writing, playing piano, working 2 jobs. 

How do you handle the bad with the good? (comments & trolls)

I delete, ban, and ignore. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS...

Would you say you have any major influences in the community?

I don't think I do. I'm too out spoken. I'm too political and WAY too controversial to have any "influence" and I kinda like it that way. 

We are so happy you joined us. Where can these new fans find you?

Thank you guys, can't wait until #UFB COMIC-CON to see ya!
INSTAGRAM- @Nanavaltiel
TWITTER- @Nana_Valitel

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