Sunset Overdrive : #UFG LipstickOnMe's Top XBox One Game Choice of E3 !!

Sunset Overdrive is an amazing new game exclusively for the Xbox One from Insomniac Games. This game has also received a “Best of E3″ award and for very good reason. In Sunset Overdrive, you get to play as a bad (as in bad meaning good) custom style character. The object of Sunset Overdrive is to over come all the mutants that have over ran your city using the weapons and skills you possess. Most humans have already turned into mutants, so it's up to you to not become the next on that list. There are two key elements in Sunset Overdrive to ensure your survival…keep moving and stay off the ground! You can use objects such as umbrella tops, fans and bushes to bounce really high off of and help you get to areas you need to grind along. Grinding along various ledges in the game is referred to as being traverse. 
Sunset Overdrive Controls
You can also engage in combat while being traverse. There are a variety of weapons such as ice guns, fire guns etc that you can alternate the uses of and even combine weapons for different total effects. You can use these weapons if you happen to be on the ground and melee style ground combat is also available.
E3 Sunset Overdrive Game Stations where I tested the game
When I gave Sunset Overdrive a test run, I was one of eight players in a co-op mode known as “Chaos Squad.” Being a member of the Chaos Squad, it is our job to work together against waves of mutants. The enemies differ from wave to wave and grow in difficulty as the waves progress. We had to protect our equipment as well as make sure we survived against these mutant waves. Paired with Turtle Beach headphones, communication between the team flowed smoothly. You have a limited amount of ammo so combine and utilize your weapons in alternating orders where the result would be the most resourceful to you. 

Overall I give Sunset Overdrive a 9/10, only because I found aiming with the using the right stick to aim while using the left to navigate all the while being traverse a bit much to get used to. Sunset Overdrive definitely lives up to its hype! That's why it is my TOP MICROSOFT X BOX ONE CHOICE OF E3! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Sunset Overdrive feel free to contact

By : UFG LipstickOnMe


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