LIVE! From E3 2014

Jamie Rae AKA LipstickOnMe is LIVE in person at E3 2014. She has given us some great info on whats to come from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. She is back to bless us with some more news today.

Voted one of the best at E3 and best PS3 RPG, Dragons Age Inquisition is an RPG with a unique story line which is all uniquely yours. You can pick your own race as well as your own class. It is the biggest Dragons Age game ever made. Anywhere you see you can travel to. Every location you visit is a part of the larger story which is effected based on how you react to each situation. It's your journey to uncover the truth in what is going on in the world as the battle of the mages and the templars rages on in addition to future circumstances to occur. 
Dragons Age Inquisition is so large it is not to be limited to one reason. An areas population is determined by numbers of users. If you spread your inquisition to a specific reason. You will see your troops take control. In this RPG you are a leader and it is your job to use your troops to help you succeed. Throughout the game you will spread your influence. You will set up games and get others to join you. Dragons Age Inquisition allows you to craft your own weapons and armor. With over 200 unique spells Dragon Age Inquisition gives you plenty of options on how to use your party. 

The sophisticated and believable aspect of the A.I. in this Dragons Age reinforces the games emphasis on your leadership. Who you Abbey inure party effects the storyline. Battles consist of a free roaming battle system. You can tag team between members of your group but ultimately maintain that lead role as your primary created character. Release date October 7th for the PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One and PC. 

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