SONY expects to blow your mind at E3 2014 with PS4 Exclusive Announcements. Sony recently confirmed over 70 games (indie games included), along with price cuts and comebacks. If you want to stay ahead of Microsoft and the XBox One, their off on the right path. First and foremost, the Ultimate Player Edition PS4/Vita bundle is here, what's the point? REMOTE PLAY... This feature allows you to play PS4 games on the PS Vita. Reviews say that the graphics are damn good.

There are some games that Sony MUST announce and/or show for PS4 at E3... The Last of Us, Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto V, God of War 4 and Syphon Filter. Some of these games already have concept cover art, and this is a way to blow away competition and take Next-Gen gaming to the next level.
Concept Art for Syphon Filter

Concept Art for Crash Bandicoot  

The Sony E3 spot is on June 9th at 9pm EDT.

MICROSOFT seems to be keeping a lot of things under wraps for E3 2014, and that's not a bad thing. Remember, TITANFALL was the best game on consoles recently. What they seem to be doing is managing everything on their website XBOX AT E3. What needs to be kept in mind is this is their opportunity to take undecided consumers away from Sony and they have the perfect chance being set on stage at 9am on June 9th.

What do you think they will do? Maybe announce a new Halo or show some new exclusive content... What they need to do is get away from all of the negative energy saying that they are "Ruining the new console generation." Hopefully Mass Effect 4 will get some shine at E3.
Mass Effect 4

HALO 5: Guardians
It's not much more info we can give you on Microsoft for E3 2014, but the show starts in less than 23 hours. Good luck Microsoft.

The MICROSOFT E3 Spot is on June 9th at 9am EDT.

Nintendo NEVER gets E3 right, it's understandable that opted to give up E3 Live briefings in favour of Nintendo Direct Videos. Be on the lookout for games like Zelda/Dynasty Warriors Mash-up??? And Mario Maker.

The Wii U is struggling and we need them to get healthy.

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