Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Review

First off, let me say this, when the very first Street Fighter video game came out I was 8 years old, I hated the controls, but I loved the game at the same time. Everyone wished they could use every character besides Ryu and Ken. This game wasn't even considered as Capcom's coming out party. When Street Fighter 2 hit the scene, it took over the world like Bill Clinton smoking weed and not inhaling... EPIC... Then we got to see cartoon iterations, toys and comic books. I was blessed enough to go to school right around the corner from one of the best arcades in Baltimore at the time, Crazy Johns, which not only had every version of the game, but multiple cabinets, this is where I got to see and play in tournaments for the first time and was brainwashed by the intensity of head-to-head fighting games, thus I became an addict of the FGC (Fighting Game Community). I did a post on it some time ago on another website that might be gone offline by now... Hopefully I'll find it and re-post it for you.

Storyline is what Street Fighter lacked, and with rival Mortal Kombat giving you one of the best origins ever it was up to Capcom to deliver and they did with Street Fighter Alpha, which pit old school characters like Adon, Gen and Sagat up against other Capcom favorites like Guy, Cody and Sodom from the popular Final Fight game against each other showing you how they met and battled to become the World Warrior. What was so puzzling to me is why they couldn't do a good film... It puzzled me up until 2 days ago when I watched Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Assassin's Fist is the story of Gouken, Goki, Master Goutetsu, young Ken Masters and of course Ryu. It is a low-budget Machinima 12-episode You-Tube series that documents the the early origins of Master Goutetsu, Gouken and Goki that later becomes the Demon Akuma. At first I was reluctant, but after the first episode I found myself falling in a hole of awesomeness and Ken's hair didn't bother me anymore.

Now let's be honest, the cartoon that used to come on TV was horrific and God rest Raul Julia's soul, Street Fighter the Live-Action Movie was by far one of the most hated films in history, Chun-Li's movie was not good either... But when I first started watching this those were the films I thought about, within 5 minutes those films meant nothing to me. This film is the best thing since Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie and could have easily been a full-length feature film if more money was involved. The fighting was authentic and signature to every character involved and we even got to see Ken's father workout with them at the dojo. This almost makes me beg for another Alpha-like video, showing us what it was like when Mr. Master's, Gouken and Master Goutetsu fought. That's something I will later talk about.

The Demon, Akuma was depicted in a way, that he was a gift and a curse, showing love and respect for his brother and Master while mocking the sensei for not teaching them the full power of the Hadou. Joey Ansah (Akuma) and  Akira Koieyama (Gouken) shined, while Hyunri Lee's (Sayaka) was a bit dry. He role was played to the point that the character didn't need to be included. Her love life was a bit strange with adopted cousins and Master Goutetsu knowing all about it. It didn't affect the series though. Yoshinori Ono trolled and squirmed his way into the film... Which brings me to something I mentioned early, Ono has fallen to a web series. Its sad that Jaqueline Quella, Joey Ansah and Christian Howard put together the Street Fighter origin better than he could, and Ono runs and overlooks all of the Street Fighter 4. This makes true fans want to see what a true origins game would be like.
4.5 Out Of 5

While Hyruni interactions with Goki were dull and almost pointless, as well as Ken's hair urked me, I found them both very passive. After the second episode Ken's hair seemed normal and didn't bother at all. The Sayaka scenes were decent as long as they were quick. This could have easily been a full-length movie. Well done guys! Well done.

This should easily inspire a new Street Fighter 5 on the Next-Gen systems. Make it Alpha, instead of trying to draw people in with Ryu and Ken. I would love to play the game using characters like:

Mr. Masters (Ken's Father)
Master Goutetsu
Go Hibiki
Mike Haggar
Akuma (Hidden Character)

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