Should You Care About X-Men: Days of Future Past???

A while back, we at United Fanboyz did a podcast about the TOP 50 X-Men based on another source. We then as a group, made our own TOP 50. You should take a listen. The reason Kitty Pryde is pictured above is because she was ranked #1 by other sources as well as by one of our podcasters. I like Shadowcat, a member of the X-Men and former SHIELD employee. She may also be one of the most important characters of the X-Men (616) history. If you don't know her importance, you'll see it later...
In 1981 Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin created the classic 2-issue Days of Future Past event, yeah that's right, 2, not 8 or 12... I'm quoting Louise Simonson here, "In Jan. 1981, Phoenix had recently died, and the readers were aghast. Chris & John gave us a vision of even greater disaster-a bleak, apocalyptic future where mutants are pursued by robot Sentinels and psychic "hounds," interned in concentration camps and, one by one, slaughtered." Classic for a movie, correct? We did a post some time ago about FOX and Bryan Singer doing the popular story as a Live-Action movie, I was excited, but now I'm not as thrilled as I once was, WHY? Because from the beginning Singer has shown absolutely no respect to the comic book and neither has the others after him AND it makes no sense.

This movie is a sequel to X-Men: 1st Class & X-Men 3: Last Stand, which was probably the 2nd or 3rd WORST comic book movie ever made. X-Men: 1st Class was actually alright, but still wrong. X-Men: First Class (The Original X-Men) consisted of Scott Summers (CYCLOPS)!!! Jean Grey (MARVEL GIRL)!!! Warren Worthington 3rd (Angel), Hank McCoy (Beast) and Robert Drake (Iceman). That was the original X-Men team, the reason I was so forward about Scott and Jean is because they are the substance, the original, the leaders of this young group and in today's FOX cinematic universe they are disrespected and spat at.
In 2011, FOX Studios and Matthew Vaughn gave us their version of X-Men: 1st Class, which was supposed to explain how Professor Charles Xavier formed his team of gifted youngsters. The team was made up of Mystique!!! REALLY, Mystique??? Angel Salvadore, NO NOT ANGEL!!! Beast, Cassidy/Banshee which was one of the earlier X-Men, but not an original, Darwin??? And Alex Summers (HAVOK), yeah that's right, Cyclops younger brother, mind you this movie takes place in the 60's... No Marvel Girl, No Cyclops, No Angel and No Iceman... Why? Because Singer & Co. screwed that up from day 1... Do some research, I won't get into that...

In the comic book Days of Future Past, The X-Men still protect a world that fears them. Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Sprite (Kitty) and Angel are the unsung heroes of their generation. But in the post-atomic future, Sentinels rule the land, and mutants must be eliminated!!! Kitty Prtde has only one option, travel back in time to help prevent a critical assassination. If she fails, she will have to watch the X-Men die AGAIN!!! What looks to be happening in this movie is yes, the movie is being set in 2 different time periods, post apocalyptic future and 1973 featuring majority casts from ALL of the X-Men films, but no CYCLOPS nor JEAN GREY... NO FRANKLIN RICHARDS, son of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman, and not even Rachel Summers... DAMN... What an opportunity... NO NIGHTCRAWLER nor ANGEL... So I ask you all... What the hell is the point?

The horrible "X-Men: Last Stand took in $459 Million... The movie was one of the biggest letdowns... As such, it might be difficult to remember how thoroughly OUTRAGEOUS it was for the comic book fans. To wit: Professor X and Cyclops are killed by Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix) and then she allows herself to be killed by Wolverine in an act of mercy..."

Being that Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is the franchises biggest star, he gets sent back in time in the Live-Action X-Men: Days of Future Past film and not Kitty/Shadowcat/Sprite (Ellen Page)..."SOURCE: HUFFINGTON POST  Wait, WHAT!!! Are you Fu!@#$% me??? As if Wolvie doesn't already get enough action in the actual comic book version, there was no need to send him back in time because the old bastard was already there... OH YEAH!!! For some strange reason Quicksilver, the son of Magneto is in this film... Because they were hating on Marvel Studios version of the characters in Captain America & Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen.

So to sum it up, I'll be reading the two Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past issues, I may also watch the FOX animated version from the 90's because that may be better than this film. Regardless of how much fun you may think this film is or will be, no matter how much you think this film will fix the past of FOX's X-Men train wreck, it will still be plain and simple... TRASH. There is too much to fix in too little time, there is no Cyclops nor Jean, Kitty won't be the hero, Wolverine will be... That's totally being bent over with no jelly... Forget EVERYTHING you know about X1-X3 and imagine Wolverine: Origins never existed, I did that anyway when they destroyed the Deadpool roll and basically started Ryan Reynolds downfall... If this has something to do with the assassination of Senator Kelly, he died in X1, right??? So why would killing him in the 70's make anymore of a difference? THANK YOU SPACIAL JESUS...

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