EXCLUSIVE: Sara Moni Interview

We here at United Fanboyz would like to thank you for talking to us today, for those that don't know, tell the people who you are.

Just call me Sara Moni! lol

How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been making small costumes for years, but more frequently since 2010 

What sparked you to do it? 

I've always been a creative person, but that was usually on the computer. Learning a tactical craft was such a great experience for me. Why not add and my love for characters and marry the two?! 

So, we can ALL say that you are beautiful... What is your nationality?

Aww!! Thank you so much for saying that! I am American, born and raised in Arizona. 

Who are the Arizona Avengers?

They are a Marvel charity cosplay group in the state, volunteering for causes promoting literacy in children, visiting hospitals, events for foster children and others in need, and animal rights. In addition to those things, we also have a lot of fun doing our own geeky activities like conventions and movie openings. 

What cons are you planning on attending this year?

I am going to try to go to as many in Arizona, California, and Texas that I can! I will happily go wherever I am requested.

Are you excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past?

I am cautiously optimistic LOL! Fox doesn't have the best track record of doing my mutants justice! I am excited nonetheless. 

Want to let your new fans on what you are working on next?

I just finished my first steampunk cosplay, and my first genderbent is in the works right now! 

How can you be contacted?

Facebook: /SaraMoniCosplay
Twitter: @KrayolaKid

Thank you again for speaking with us. Do you have any acknowledgements?

Thank you for having me! If you would like to link the Arizona Avengers they can be found at

We hope to see you at Underground Comic-Con later this year.

:) Sounds like fun!
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