Hello James, how are you? Thank you for taking some time out to talk to United Fanboyz. Let the people know about yourself? How long have you been a professional artist? 

I started professionally showing art in 2004, but my first big show titled, “Girls by Boys” was in Seattle in 2008. 

 What influences have you had in this wide world of art? 

I have had some amazing influences in my art life. Working with Erik Jones, Dennis “Bagger 43” Brown, Gary Barker (artist for Garfield) the list could go on and on for pages. I have also had some amazing women push me in my life, even one that said “pick art or me.” Now, that’s a story for another day. 

Tell us about some projects you've worked on and what you have coming soon? 

Things have been so hectic lately but I have a few skateboards on the way for Magic Bullet Skateboards and I have a whole lot of fun stuff on the way, but I can't really talk about it. My biggest project lately was having some work in the video game ,“Gone Home” by The Fullbright Company

You started your FaceBook page and not even 7 days later you had over 2000 followers, how does that feel? 

I'm still in shock that in less than 24 hours I had over 1,000 followers. 
Who would you say you are close to in the industry, cosplay as well?

In the industry I would say my buddy Vanessa Del Rey and Jordie Bellaire, hopefully I will be doing some work with soon, and recently I have been tormenting Eric Canete with questions. As for cosplay Envy and Neptune are pretty amazing. 

What comics did you come up reading and what are you reading now?

Growing up I was really into Gen13, X-Men, all the 2099’s, Ironman, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Now I'm reading Fables, Saga, the All-New X-Men, and the Walking Dead. 

Name 3 comic books you would love to work on? 

Even though its done, I still wish I could have worked on Punk Rock Jesus that was a pretty wild ride. Boom’s Lumberjanes, I really want to draw a sexy Lumberjanes or images in Saga.

To people that don't know the definition, what is pin-up art? 
For me pin-up art is a celebration of the female form. In my work I throw stones at the “idealistic image” and showcase real woman not what society defines as beautiful. This goes back to 2004 when I started working with some amazing heavily tattoo women. In short, nothing is as strong and as beautiful as the female form. 

Do you have anyone that you would like to acknowledge and what conventions are you attending this season? 

I have a few people I want to acknowledge, Ringling College of Art and Design for helping me define my style, Erik Jones for pushing me to work harder, Danielle Tamburri, Envy, Madison Valentine and David Siqueiros, Hydro74, My My Buddies at Giants Orlando and all my family and friends (I don’t believe in calling people fans, to me they are friends) for believing in me when I didn’t think I could do it.
As for conventions I should be at NYCC, Heroescon (with Neptune suicide and Envy Deviant), possibly Tampa Bay Comic Con with Hydro74, maybe Supercon in Miami. 

How can everyone contact you? 
Instagram: boardinker 
Twitter: Inklikewater 

James, thanks again for sharing some time with us at United Fanboyz, much continued success and we'll be seeing you soon.
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