Spider-Man is the Star in a Marvel Crossover...

I'm sure you are all ready for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weekend. The talk has come up as of late, about Spider-Man being somehow featured in other Marvel films, Fox's X-Men or Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Checkout what Avi Arad had to say about Spidey helping the X-Men or The Avengers in this interview with the Toronto Sun.
Spider-Man, for example, remains Sony/Columbia’s highest-grossing film franchise, and with at least two additional sequels planned after The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s unlikely that the web-slinger will be moving into the Disney clubhouse any time soon.

If the Marvel characters can’t all be united under one studio, however, there remains the possibility that Disney, Twentieth Century Fox or Sony might be open to forming a temporary alliance and creating a crossover movie. Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige was very cautious when asked about this possibility, saying that although he would “never say never,” it wasn’t something that would happen any time soon. Although Arad – who is something of a mediating influence between the studios, having produced Iron Man and the Fantastic Four movies as well as the Spider-Man franchise – was open to the idea of creating a crossover, his guidelines for such a film are likely to cause friction.

“I think there are some stories that will fit beautifully into a cross. Spider-Man would be incredible mixed up with those other universes. But if we want to do that, the crossovers, it has to be a story that is absolutely centered on Spider-Man. We cannot be second banana to anything out there. Because this is the king. This is the one that influenced young people from birth.
“I’m not preaching, but Spider-Man, Peter Parker, who is in all of us, is too important to go in and use it as a sidepiece for corporate purposes. The studio may disagree with me, some fans may disagree with me. I don’t care.”
If there’s anything that will facilitate the creation of a Marvel crossover between studios, it’s an air of compromise and negotiation, neither of which are particularly apparent in Arad’s attitude. It’s difficult to imagine a studio executive like Feige, who is already hesitant about the idea of a crossover, being persuaded by a demand that the Marvel Studios characters play second fiddle in a Spider-Man movie.

Unfortunately, Sony may not disagree with Arad. When initially asked about the possibility of a crossover, the Sun reports that he responded sarcastically, “Oh yes, studios are incredibly friendly to each other, they have breakfasts with each other.” It’s disappointing, but understandable that Sony, Disney and Twentieth Century Fox would be distrustful or even hostile towards the studios producing the direct competition for their biggest franchises – even if those franchises do all share the Marvel banner. 

Do you think Disney, Sony and Fox will ever collab in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? How would you play Spider-Man in with The X-Men or The Avengers? 

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