EXCLUSIVE: Jabaar Brown Interview

#UFB: Jabaar, what’s going on brother how you been?

On da grind, working hard.

#UFB: Let the people know who you are and what you do?

Hello I’m Jabaar Brown, CEO and artist, writer for Underground Comixxx and a Boys and Girls Club member. I am a man on a mission to help urban children black, white, Latino, children there are many different types of things that they can do not just sports and rap here's a way to tell a story,

#UFB: What is your latest work?

I’m working on a lot of projects, one of them is my magazine Revolution, it has articles on artists, which some are up and coming, some from Dc, Marvel, and Cartoon Network, it is funky magazine, new comics Soul and the protectors of sector 5, me and Scarlet saint, with Phil Bledsoe, we together on Da -CLICK, AND DAVINE, AND IM COMING WITH SAVAGE LION, AND A BIG project with Eric Cooper with night seeker, and the artist Wayne Sutphin, I’m coloring it I penciled some of it I’m not writing it but I gave up the plot the guy's will put their heart in it , I am going to start making you tube, and I have Richard Raw , doing the sound track music , it will be hot . I'll need a break when I die when there is no more projects there's always projects, hhmmmmm

#UFB: What is the normal message that you put out with your books?

You can learn by comics and without knowing, and to give new story's and heroic heroes that stand up for something and don't fall for anything, a tad of historical Malcolm X, see it just slips out of me.

#UFB: What comic books were you into coming up?

My favorites were black panther, Captain America, superman, Batman, Shazam, Mr. Terrific, but when I got in my teens it was the one Brother Man, Icon, Static Shock, Hardware, then Green Lantern, they looked like me big lips, big noses, sometimes even writing them it made me do what I do now. My parents family the kids that gives me the opportunity and push, Alison Boettcher my wife that said do something with work or you're going have to clean up all these papers or store it, now she is my back bone my binder, and all my fans, love all of yall, haters love you too lol

#UFB: Thanks for taking some time out to holla at How can anyone reach you online?

You can reach me on Facebook at and on our site

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