United Fanboyz was created with one goal in mind, Give the "fanboy" everything they want, the truth, NO FILTER... We are happy to say that with your support we've had over 100,000 hits to our website. We thank you.

More good news, we will be guests at the Rhode Island Comic-Con, NY Metro-Con and Hereford Comic-Con doing a live stream with exclusive interviews and photos. We will also be home at the Baltimore Comic-Con with Underground Comixxx doing what we do best.

That is the reason for this post.  Some people believe that the ARTIST is the most important part of a project, we believe that the best book needs that balance of great writing and great art as well. The artist makes you want the book more. I'll quote Ron Marz, "How different would WATCHMEN be if Frank Miller had drawn it? What if Dark Knight  Returns had been drawn by Dave Gibbons?" You can call this a challenge, Ron called it a exercise, either or. #UFB and Underground Comixxx are working on a new comic book universe and we would like to see your interpretation of the first character in our universe, PSIONIC.
If you are interested, below is a character description of PSIONIC. Our character is Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) meets Witchblade. Interpret the character as you see fit, make it yours. For the specific questions about the design of the character (costume design, hair, etc.), please e-mail the question before you begin.

Jpeg 72 dpi, 900 Pixels Wide
Include your name, Twitter, DeviantArt or Facebook info in the email.
E-mail Submissions & Questions to:

1. The artist we choose will have exclusivity to the United Fanboyz website to display any new art they like. They will also be part of our Convention Team and get exclusive #UFB merchandise (T-Shirts, Autographed memorabilia, etc.)

2. Completing a PSIONIC submission does not assure you will be hired to draw the comic.

3. There is no monetary compensation offered for this submission.

PSIONIC is Copyright of Will Windley and Jared Martel.
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