#UFB March Madness Round 1

The results are in for the first round of #UFB March Madness. Check out the results below, and make sure you comment with your feedback on the picks. Also follow us on twitter to stay up to date on the picks. Enjoy...


Superman vs Bullseye
Speed, reaction, and powerwise Superman has him completely outclassed.  One good blast of ice breathe would finish they fight rather quickly, or a quick gut punch and Bulleyes is lights out. 

Superman Wins.

Magneto vs Deadpool
From his ammo to his weaponry, Deadpool is at a complete disadvantage in this fight.  Nothing in his arsenal could get through Magneto's shielding.  Magneto could incapacitate Dead in a grave long enough to pull off a win.

Magneto Wins.

Invincible vs Scarecrow 
Even if Scarecrow's toxin did affect Invincible long enough to disorient him, he still couldn't really hurt him.  But I don't even think that will be the one punch and this fight is over.

Invincible Wins.

Wonder Woman vs Juggernaut
Wonder Woman has the clear speed advantage however, she does not have the strength nor invincibility factor that Juggernauts spells gives him.  She also does not have infinite endurance to avoid his attacks indefinitely, couple that with the fact that she has a very exploitable weakness against piercing damage and is a brawler would equal a lose for her.

Juggernaut Wins.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs Deathstroke
With Prep Deathstroke could beat Hal, however, since he doesn't have any, his speed and strength pretty much are irrelevant because of the lantern shielding and constructs, he's not strong enough to combat them.

Green Lantern Wins.

Daredevil vs The Shredder
As much as I like shredder, all the metal he wears would have Daredevil anticipating his every move, beyond that is more agile, and faster than him. Daredevil's martial arts seems to be more diverse to me as well.  he's also a quick thinker in a fight and not easily flustered.

Daredevil Wins.

Iron Man vs Green Goblin
Depending on what armor he was using iron man could hack into Green Goblin's glider and cause it to malfunction sending him plummeting to his doom, but beyond that.  He has a on board computer that can help him assess all to information quickly and come up with new tactic. Goblin is smart but simply doesn't have the arsenal the Armor can provide or means to really counter it, all iron has to do is dodge his bombs.

Iron Man Wins.

Thor vs Two-Face
Lightning Bolt.

Thor Wins.


The Joker vs Jesse Custer:
After a drawn out fight in a bar, Jesse sees that the Joker has no fear of pain or death and the bloody battle is acually making him act more insane. Jesse uses the "The Word of God" and commands Joker to "Stop!!!" Joker does that and seconds later pulls out a LexCorp shrapnel grenade and throws it at Jesse; causing the bar to explode in a firey blaze.

Joker wins.

Hulk vs Bizarro:
With the city of Metropolis leveled, Bizarro attempts to "save poor Hulk" with his heat vision. This causes Hulk to scream out in anger and he leaps into the air with a volley of punches. After a explosion, the Hulk lands covered in a white powder.

Hulk wins.

Ras Al Ghul vs Swamp Thing:
Ras comes to Swamp Thing's home to use it's magical powers for his war on the "evils of humanity." Swamp Thing appears and begins to disamate Ghul's forces. Ghul finds himself overwhelmed by his foe and after exploring all his resources and forces, he retreats back his home.

Swamp Thing wins.

Dr. Doom vs Cyclops:
Cyclops takes care of various Doombots as he attempts to save members of the X-Men. Dr. Doom finally appears and they trade attacks. Furious when Cyclops causes more damage to him than he expected, Dr. Doom engulfs Cyclops in a ruby red force bubble and he becomes another captive of the great Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom wins.

Dormammu vs. Reed Richards:
Reed enters his lab to see Dormammu and his minor monster destroying it to find something of great importance. Reed avoids his magical blasts and takes care of the monsters. Reed pleades with Dormammu to not grab "The Ring of Obsuclar;" Dormammu puts the ring on and is transported to the other side of the galaxy face to face with Galactus as he is preparing to consume a world.

Reed Richards wins.

Red Skull vs Martian Manhunter:
Manhunter sneaks into Red Skull's lair, but fails to get the drop on Skull. It seems that no attack is able to stop Martian Manhunter as he is about to capture Skull. Skull remembers about the Green Martian and throws a thermal grenade at Manhunter, and as he lays and cries out in pain and horror, Skull kills him with a gun designed to stop the Hulk.

Red Skull wins.

Bane vs Raphael:
Raphael is taken back at the power and speed of Bane. He knows he can not battle him while the Venom is in his system. Raphael takes a powerful blow, cuts the power source of Venom to Bane, and then assaults him with brutal force.

Raphael wins.

Dark Phoenix vs The Spirit:
The Spirit runs toward the Dark Phoenix as she is about to level several heroes and begins to calm her down and she lowers her stance. However Spirit makes a off handed comment about "Maybe you need to settle down and let your man handle things from now on." Dark Phoenix rises up and obliturates The Spirit.

Dark Phoenix wins.


Grand Regent Thragg vs Green Arrow:
Arrow has no chance, eventhough his arsenal includes explosive tip dart and Kryptonite laced wire. Grand Regent Thragg knows nothing of Kryptonite and at the moment has no weakness to Arrow. Thragg makes short work of Arrow by punching through his chest.

Winner: Grand Regent Thragg

Venom vs John Constantine:
Constantine can't rely on just quick thinking while fighting Venom, he's too strong and fast for that. John decides to cast a spell of illusion to make Venom think of his worst fear. This fight ends with Venom squeezing the life out of John, because the alien symbiote has no fears.

Winner: Venom

Thanos vs Judge Dredd:
There is not too many types of ammo that Dredd can use against Thanos before he is galaxy stomped. This match is over now. One, two punches at the most.

Winner: Thanos

Catwoman vs Spawn:
Even before Simmons was the Hell Spawn, he was trained to fight and assassinate people way more powerful than Selina Kyle (Catwoman). The chain and the axe finishes this quickly.

Winner: Spawn

Loki vs The Punisher:
Frank goes into this knowing he's going to die, so guns will be blazing. Loki has too many powers (Shape changing, Teleportation and accelerated speed in combat). The only thing The Punisher can do is hope to wound him while taking his last breath.

Winner: Loki

Darkseid vs Hellboy:
I was initially going to give this to Hellboy, but besides his fist I don't think Hellboy really has any weaponry that would phrase Darkseid at all, unless he went into his full Demon mode, and that's really only brought on in special circumstances.  

Winner: Darkseid

Kingpin vs Professor Xavier:
Xavier turn Kingpin into pudding before he knows what's happening to him or puts him to sleep.  

Winner: Professor Xavier

Dr. Octopus vs The Thing:
Even with The Thing being stronger than Spider-Man, he's not nearly as fast as what Otto has to deal with. Doc Ock controls the six-feet titanium tentacles and puts a quick end to Ben Grimm's early muscle bound attacks. While The Thing is thinking of a new way to say "it's clobberin time," Otto has already come up with a plan to disorient the big orange rock thing...

Winner: Dr. Octopus


Batman Vs Zod:
Zod's destruction of Gotham hits a snag when Batman takes out half his army. Taking matters into his own hand Zod, follows The Bat into an abandoned warehouse where he begins to make short work of the human, only to realize that Batman was only bidding his time. Lights from the ceiling blind Zod, Batman slips away, and before the Kryptonian can react Wayne Tech's Phantom Zone beam goes off, sending Zod back to his prison.

Winner: The Batman

Spider-Man Vs Mystique
Spiderman corners Mystique in the subway of Manhattan. Mystique shifts into the image of Aunt May, but Spidey is too smart for that. He levels Aunt May with a haymaker, causes Mystique to revert back to her true form when uncouncious.

Winner: Spider-Man

Wolverine Vs Ozymandias:
Seizing an opportunity to pop his claws in Ozymandias, Logan goes for the kill. As Ozymandias chests punctures from the adamantium bones, Logan hears something he's not use to-- laughter. Ozymandias waits a beat, and then Logan realizes what's happened. The world's smartest man prepared for this battle by treating his blood with a chemical that breaks down what is supposedly the strongest metal in the world. Wolverine's claws desintergrate and his bones soon follow leaving him a pile of ash.

Winner: Ozymandias

Captain American Vs Brainiac:
Trapped in the Quinjet that Braniac has taken over, Cap has the super computer reeling. He goes in for the finish and decapates Braniac with his shield. Branic's severed head is still alive... and so is his android body. Captain America is grabbed from behind and within moments the super soldier is squeezed to death.

Winner Braniac.

Flash Vs Sinestro:
Sinestro has leveled Keystone City, and Wally West can't seem to get any traction as the yellow power ring barrages the speedster from every angle. Wally slows down and pleads with Sinestro to stop the destruction. Suddenly he points, "Is that Hal?" Sinestro looks, and before you can say "New 52 Sucks," Sinestro's ring is taken and in the hands of The Flash.

Winner: The Flash

Shazam Vs Black Adam:
Yet another battle between the arch enemies, and once again Captain Marvel puts his foot in Black Adam's ass. What else is new?

Winner: Shazam!

Sentry Vs Ultron:
With the Avengers near defeat, Sentry has no choice but to unleash the true nature of his cosmic powers. Plunging his fists through the Android's adamantium shell, Sentry goes supernova, taking out Ultron... and half of downtown Manhattan in the process.

Winner: Sentry

Rorschach Vs Nightwing:
Nightwing is lured into the basement of Arkam by this madman, and suddenly blitzed with a bat to the skull. Rorschach goes in for the kill, but Dick blinds him with gas pellets. In the darkness the former boy wonder is just as good as his mentor. Once the smoke clears Rorschach is a bloody pulp.

Winner: Nightwing

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