Microsoft has the best video game on consoles as of today with Titanfall. This was a big 2 weeks XBOX with exclusive releases and massive promotion. This was a move in the right direction.

Titanfall offers a totally different type of gameplay in a genre that needed change. Right now it is the most demanding online shooter. And like I said before, this is the best game out and Microsoft got the exclusive perc. Discussions are going on now about Titanfall being on all next-gen consoles. This game has been given almost perfect scores on all critically acclaimed websites.  So what worries me???

What's alarming about the XBOX ONE version is because it runs on 792p resolution. Its not much more demanding than 720p, but the XBOX 360 version of this game runs without missing a beat. Titanfall for XBOX ONE has not been able to nail down the 60 frames per second like many were looking forward to.

Guess what PlayStation fans? Doesn't matter this go round, you missed out on one. Either way this release for XBOX could've been a great way to put a dent in the significant lead PS4 holds, but I think they kind of whiffed that by selling the XBOX 360 version at a discounted price. However when you do have the exclusives you hold the ball in your court.

8.5 of 10
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