EXCLUSIVE: Jenifer Ann Interview

Being a real fan of the genre must make it a lot easier to come up with ideas for characters and new costumes. What was the most difficult costume you've a made?

Jenifer Ann - Grace from Soulfire would be the most difficult so far.

What do you think about cosplay now from 2008? Do you think some women that cosplay now do it for the love or for Social Media popularity and followers?

Jenifer Ann - It has def changed since then, yes there are a lot more people cosplaying now. Doesn't matter the reason, it's all in fun :D I still enjoy it!!

What cosplayer out there would you say catches your eye the most right now?

Jenifer Ann - I really love seeing what Yaya Han puts out as well as Kamui Cosplay.

What is your favorite anime of all time? Why?

Jenifer Ann - I don't have a favorite as I like to many!! Elfen Lied was twisted and great, Rosario + Vampire is awesome!! Recently had time to see Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail and those were awesome as well!!

Which Star Wars film is your favorite? Are you nervous or excited about Episode 7 next year?

Jenifer Ann - Tough one!! Hmmmm...I would say my favorite is The Empire Strikes Back. I am not sure how I feel about Disney taking over...I am afraid they are going to make it like every other Disney movie and it becomes a joke full of songs and silliness. I really hope that they keep it dark and original.

Who is your favorite comic book character?

Jenifer Ann - I really love Psylocke
Who do you do most of your cosplaying with?

Jenifer Ann - Heather1337

Are you going on a convention tour this year? Baltimore on the list?

Jenifer Ann - I am going to a lot of conventions this year both in the US and Internationally, but not Baltimore on the list yet.

How can these new fans find you?

-Facebook - officialjeniferann
-Twitter - OJeniferAnn
-Instagram - JeniferAnn

Thanks again for all of your time. We hope to speak with you in the near future.

Jenifer Ann - Thank you, I appreciate everything.

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