Age of Extinction: 101

The Transformers franchise has a special place in my heart. For a man that knows the history of Cybertron and the First 13, this could be a special time for the great robotic organisms or Michael Bay could be releasing another “Revenge of the Fallen” for someone else to come in and fix. I did a post years ago addressing my concerns with Michael Bay and his version of the Transformers (Bayformers), you should go check that out. However this is not a post to beat up on Bay this time. This is a post to address the so-called fans of the 1980’s classic and what Bay could or could not be leaving for the next group of directors being this is his last go at the Cybertronian kings.

I’ve had my issues with Bay, but besides Transformers 1, this COULD be storyline GOLD. I’ll explain shortly, first checkout the 2 trailers released for Transformers 4 Age of Extinction.

As much as I can’t stand the guy, you must respect him for at least bringing Optimus to the real-life big screen. I really hated the gold-toothed autobots in ROTF, I thought is was over the top racial and there were sooo many other characters in the Transformers Universe that could have and should have been utilized, I also had a major problem with the gigantic nutt-sack that Devastator had. I definitely did not agree with him killing off Jazz in the first movie, if you were going to kill off anyone, they should have introduced other characters like Cliffjumper, a true A-Hole that not many people would miss. But, adjusting to today’s time frame he did an amazing job. I appreciated Shia’s (Sam/Spike) contribution to the run.
For a so-called Transformers fan to discuss anything with me and not know who the Fallen is makes me snikker and keep it moving. I will NOT speak on “Revenge of the Fallen” because I believe it was not only disrespectful to Hasbro and the creators, but the fans as well. “Rolling on the Floor” is what I call it. I mean the Matrix story they told was ridiculous.
"Kill Me... No One Would Care..."

Why was I impressed with “Dark of the Moon”? Leonard Nimoy… The Legend, Spock, The original Galvatron… Even though Mr. Nimoy didn’t play his great Galvatron, he displayed the ability to become a former holder of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership while also becoming a somewhat evil Galvatron-ish attitude. I was happy they paid him homage. Sentinel was raw too! They used the Sentinel Prime attitude from the IDW comics, showing how he was more drawn to attack than flee. Sam/Spike grew up, they introduced Carly, the true love interest, eventhough it looked like her lips were balloons… Also, I got to see my favorite Decepticon on screen in Shockwave. Where they dropped the ball was telling people that the Arc (Autobot Ship) was actually helmed by Sentinel Prime and it was shot down and crashed on the moon. Everyone should know that the Arc transported Autobots to Earth millions of years ago and crashed into a volcano. Lastly, how do you destroy Cybertron??? What the fuck is your problem… Do you know who and what Cybertron is?

Anyway, on to a quick class. If Transformers 4 is done correctly, a lot of wrongs could be fixed. Let me explain and pay attention.

In 1985 the Transformers cartoon movie was classic because of action, death and profanity. The story of Megatron vs Optimus ended here. Optimus died, Megatron couldn’t function and was thrown out into space by Starscream. Unicron the massive planet eating transformer and brother to Cybertron summoned Megatron and gave him a new body and new troops. He named Megatron Galvatron.

The Dinobots were idiot robot created by the autobots and were for lack of a better word, STUPID!!! They warred with Optimus, until the team came up with a plan to make them smarter through computer programming. So to see Optimus and Grimlock fighting in the trailer is not a surprise. Also when looking at the fight in the trailer you can see the backdrop, very prehistoric looking, similar to where the autobots crashed on Earth in the original cartoon.

The sword that Optimus had during the fight with Grimlock COULD be the first sword that held the Matrix and was used by Prima. Prima was one of the first Primes.

There is a slight possibility that the ships in space could be minions of Unicron, how else did Megatron become Galvatron. Hopefully they didn’t let the humans do that…

Let’s hope all this pans out, because if it does Transformers 4 might be a classic to true fans. It could correct some mistakes from the past while creating new possibilities for the new team. I hope Cybertron came some way be recreated… I’ll continue to hope. "Till All Are One..."

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