EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Tyndall Interview

Mr. Tyndall thank you for taking a moment to speak with the United Fanboyz website. Let everyone know how long you have been in the comic book industry?

I drew my first published cover in January 2011. However I didn't start doing conventions on a regular basis until late in 2011.

You are known for your actions of sexy strong female characters. Is there a specific character that your fans ask for more than others?

I get a lot of requests for Zenescope characters such as Alice, Robyn Hood, Red Riding Hood, characters from Oz and Van Helsing. 

Outside of the Zenescope universe, the majority of requests are for Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, MJ/Spider-Man to name a few.

I have been fortunate enough to get Vol. 1 and 2 of your art book signed at the Baltimore Comic-Con two years ago. What do you have available for fans currently?

Since the first two volumes, I have launched two more volumes and added a 2015 calendar featuring Zenescope Grimm Girls.

Where are you heading this year on your convention tour? Is Baltimore on the list?

I typically attend 30 conventions per year. I try to cover a lot of cities in the US: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, Orlando, Austin, Houston, Dallas, New York, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, etc. I also attend conventions outside the US such as Calgary Expo, Fan Expo (various cities), London Super Comic Con and Middle East Film & Comic Con (Dubai). Unfortunately I can't make it to Baltimore this year. However I may be able to attend Wizard World Richmond.

How long were you doing covers with Zenescope? What titles were they?

My first cover was for Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends issue #1, Blue Dragon Collectibles Exclusive. There are only a handful of covers for which I did the colors in addition to the pencils and inks.
Since then I have done as many covers as I can for Zenescope. The list is quite long. It may be best to refer you to my profile on Comic Book Database

Let your new fans here at United Fanboyz know where they can find you online?

I have my own website
And of course I'm also on social media

We want to thank you again for talking with us. Are there any upcoming titles you want to tell us about? Do you want to shout out anyone?

I've been working on a lot of covers since early January. You can expect announcements for the following Zenescope covers: 
Wonderland: Asylum
Robyn Hood
Clash of the Queens
Van Helsing

In addition to Zenescope, I have covers with a few other titles which I'm not at liberty to disclose yet. All I can say is that I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work on covers for such iconic properties. 
As for shout out to anyone... Thank you Ralph Tedesco for taking a chance with me! 

We here at United Fanboyz would like to thank Mr. Jamie Tyndall for the opportunity. You can see his art and purchase it as well from the links above. There are more interviews coming soon as we are preparing for the convention season.
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