EXCLUSIVE: T.C. Dangerous Interview

Thank you again for your interest. First and foremost thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to speak with #UFB. Will there be anyone that you would like to shout out?

Everyone on my Facebook that give me support no matter what I throw up there. Dale, Greg, Tim, Kerry, Kevin, Richard. Big ups to Cujo Creations.

We see that you were the runner-up back in 1998 at the wizard magazine Halloween costume contest. How was the experience and where do you see cosplay now in 2014?

It was pretty cool back then. There weren’t a lot of people who even made costumes at the time and it was done mostly for Halloween. And I was in pretty good company there. The winner was Kelly Delcambre who went on to start his own company, KMD Artistry. Then a few years later we started attending conventions. As for cosplay today, I think it’s great that so many people are discovering how fun costuming is. And more people are looking to draw these types of fans to their events. So more and more conventions are popping up around the country. I’m heading to South Carolina next week for the first Sumter Fan-Con. Oh, shout out to Nuklear Comics The biggest problem I see today is that people are getting into this that see it as an easy way to become a subculture celebrity and I think that aspirations of being a star attraction at a convention by getting a few hundred thousand likes on your fan page and not concentrating on the craft of making costumes is hurting the hobby. When I wore the Batgirl costume I was in Wizard with, people thought it was incredible. I look at it now and think it was pretty unimpressive in comparison to most of my costumes today. You have to continue to grow as an artist. Be Epic. 

If you could run down the awards that you have won since you began cosplaying? 

LOL. Runner up in Wizard and took second place in the costume contest at Florida GeekFest last year. That’s about it. Other than the being Geekette of the Month for August on the Full Spectrum Geek Facebook page and spotlighted on a few cosplay pages and web sites. I don’t really do this for awards, making a child smile or having a fan of a particular character go all fan boy/girl of your costume are the best rewards.

What is it about Batgirl, lol?

I grew up with the classic TV show. I always wanted to be Batgirl for Halloween. Loved the plastic suit with the half mask. LOL. Plus Batgirl is like Batman, no super powers just using their brains to fight crime. The Bats are probably the most relatable characters. With enough money, dedication and physical endurance, anyone could be the Bat.

What conventions have you been to? We are stationed in Baltimore, have you ever been to the Baltimore Comic Con?

Before last year I just went to MegaCon in Orlando and DragonCon every year. Last year I attended Mega, HeroesCon in Charlotte, DragonCon, Palm Con in Palm Beach, UltraCon in Fort Lauderdale and GeekFest in Boca Raton, This year I’ve already been to Animate Miami and going to UltraCon this weekend. Never been to Baltimore Comic Con. As you can see I tend to hit the Southeast conventions, but I am available for travel. Wink, wink. 

As far as comic books go who are your top 5 characters in no particular order? 

Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Rocket Raccoon and of course Angela.

Tell me how you feel about Star Wars?

How do you feel about Oxygen?

Its 2014 what are your plans for this year in cosplay?

Already done Catwoman, doing Dajah Thoris, Madame Hydra and maybe a femme Thor. 

We would like to thank you for sharing some time with us today and we will be following up on you as well let the new fans know where they can see you or contact you online. 

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