EXCLUSIVE: Alex Griffin Interview

Thank you for taking some time to speak with #UFB. Introduce yourself to everyone.

Hey Will thank you for wanting to know more about the project. Well my name is Alex Griffin, I’m a firefighter in the real world. I’m am from Atlanta Ga. I love Sci Fi! I first feel in love with it during the tv series StarBlazers G-Force way back in the 70’s and Robotech and the Transformers sealed the deal in the 80’s.  I also love sports football weight lifting and basketball. The fellas and I play basketball often.

So, you have a graphic novel releasing this year called Secrets of the Kush Empire. Did you write and draw? Let everyone know your part in the project.

I don’t draw at all. Well I used to draw but I never had the patience to really develop it like I probably should have. My part of the story is creator and writer. I am really enjoying the development of this project. My job is to develop the story create all the characters.

So, what's this ancient power I've been reading about?

You want to know the Secrets of the Kush huh? Lol. Well a big part of the story will be creation, and the history of man.  The Kush came to Earth in a last ditch effort to save themselves, from the bio weapon that was used against them in the great ancient war.

Growing up, what made you so interested in comic books?

I have always been a great reader and I’ve always been drawn to great art… I think the first two comic I read was kitty pryde and wolverine and Rocket Raccoon mini-series when I was like 9 or 10 years old. I was hooked to the art and the writing was amazing. That was the beginning of my love for comics! It just captured my budding imagination

What comics did you read and what do you read now?

Hmmmm I’m all over the place. I like buying volumes of different works. Right now I’m  reading  the Walking Dead series I can’t get enough of that! I am enjoying Empowered, and just got Batman: court of the owls. I am reading a lot of indie comics like  Wildfire, Salvagers, Street team, Ebony Kiss, and  Urban Shogun to name a few.

What are you using to promote Secrets of the Kush Empire?

Mostly I use Facebook to promote Secrets of the Kush Empire! We just got our Secrets of the Kush Empire website up last week.

How can people reading this interview see your work? 

Jump to facebook and check out the secrets of the Kush Empire it has everything from the first day we started on the project.

How do you feel about the state of comic books now and going into the future?

I am really impressed with the state of comics are now. It has gotten very bold and open to different points of views over the last couple of years it seems. I love that the indie comics have grown so much. I think it’s great for comics. I feel the future for comics is bright with all the different media you can get a comic in your hand. It really gives fans options. I think comics will get more interactive, I have a couple of ideas on that. 

What is your take on Marvel Now and DC New 52?

I think Marvel has done a great job with adding more diversity to their comics. I feel like the New 52 was needed and I like the direction it has been going for DC. It’s good to have a good shake up every once in a while.

Thanks for sharing some time with us. Is there anyone that you would like to acknowledge?

I would like to acknowledge so many people. First all of my Facebook family they have been there for the good and the bad. All of my Kickstarter backers. Great people like Quinn McGowan, Milton Davis, Clifton Hatchett, Bob Salley, Evaristo Ramos Frank Percy, and so many others I can go on and on. They accepted me with open arms into this great community; I just want to be able to give back to the community also. I want everyone to know I appreciate you all.

We here at United Fanboyz would like to thank Mr. Alex Griffin for the opportunity. There are more interviews coming soon as we are preparing for the convention season.

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