The iPad Air & Why!

Apple just released their latest iPad yesterday. As you know Apple has named this iPad version the iPad Air. I don't want to dig into the naming to much but the Air name opens up the chances of the rumored iPad Pro will reach stores early 2014. Interesting right? Anyway the purpose of this post is to share with our readers why myself +Jared Martel has decided to purchase the iPad Air.

A Quick Back-story:
Any of my friends or family that knows me well, also knows that I hated the large iPod called an iPad. I hated the square, heavy feel of the device in my hand. Additionally I owned a couple of Android phones at the time, and I was loving the widgets, and custom roms. The iPad just seemed like a large version of my iPod Touch 1st Gen. I was also an early adapter of the Motorola XOOM 3g/4g. Eventually I upgraded to the Glaxay Nexus and Apple release a larger iPhone (the iPhone 5) and the rest was history. I found my self enjoying the new iPhone 5, and how it just worked! No lag, no battery pulls, none of the Android pains.

Why The iPad Air:

Light, and Thin
Apple strives to make all of there products a top of the quality ladder. The iPad Air is 20% thinner than the iPad 4! It has the same design as the iPad Mini and just feels awesome in your hand. It is crazy light and it doesn't feel like your holding a full size tablet!

This iPad is powerful! Apple will not win any spec wars against Microsoft and Android chip makers. Yet this is all about how it works, and no one balances functionality and performance like Apple. I'm excited to see what this new A7 64bit chip can do.

With awesome apps available like Paper by 53 and Star Wars KOTOR, I believe I would enjoy my time spent on this device.

The above highlights most of the reasons I will be purchasing the newest iPad, the iPad Air. Don't take my word/opinion for it, go to your nearest Apple Store and check it out. Hold it and see for your self.
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