The term ELITE has been thrown around for the last couple of years a bit recklessly for the Quarterback position. Elite is not a word you use for QB's in this day and age of pro football, even though this is a pass heavy league. There is way too much uncertainty to the position. If you are a fan of the Broncos, Patriots, Packers, Cowboys or even Ravens, hopefully you will get a better understanding.

The Denver Broncos in most peoples eyes are still the Super Bowl faves, Why though? Is Peyton Manning ELITE? HELL YES!!! The last of a dying breed. He is by far one of the most precise QB's ever, he is a coach on the field and if he has the weapons he will give you at least 30 points a game, however Peyton is 37 years old with a still healing neck, let's just be honest. Peyton is NOT a cold weather QB and when it comes down to it, he is not clutch. Yes, Peyton has been to 2 Super Bowls (1-1) and he has the ability to get you to the AFC Championship, but if he is in weather under 20 degrees he'll lose. The year Peyton won his Super Bowl he came to Baltimore in the snow and won but didn't throw a TD, in fact, his team didn't score. 12 points, all FG's. When he wins it's in a dome or in weather over 40 degrees. The Broncos will more than likely get home field advantage throughout the playoffs, But in Denver where the weather can hit 10 below 0 and then the Super Bowl being outside in New York, looking at his history, do you really think he will get you a ring???

Thomas Edward Brady, or Tom Brady is the great Patriot, "The Golden Boy" of football. Is he ELITE? HELL YES!!! Tom Brady has basically always played in cold weather and even though he has a total jerk as a coach, he always delivers whether the make the dance or not. Multiple championship with different wide receivers and most definitely first ballot HOF, he just can't seem to beat Eli (Peyton's lil Bro) in the big one. Just like Peyton, Tom is special, screw coaching, screw his WR crew, he makes you better. He just wins, better defense 2 years back and he would have been hoisting another championship trophy, but that's the game. There is really nothing negative I have to say about Tom except as great as he is, he does get outplayed by Eli Manning and Joe Flacco on a consistent basis, but that will not sulley his contribution to the game or dampen is spot in the Hall.

Drew Brees is ELITE, and even though he is an interception machine, it doesn't matter, he's gonna keep chuckin' and winning. The Saints and Falcons have been beefing for the NFC South for the last few years. I love the guys release and when him and Philip were together in Dan Diego you couldn't wait to see which one of them would get traded and shine. That was Drew, and even though P. Rivers is a good QB, he is not on this level. Drew has a ring, in fact he beat Peyton Manning in a dome. I think he'll win another championship as long as he does not get injured and end up like Peyton.

I believe that Aaron Rodgers is the last ELITE QB in the NFL. He took the place of Brett Favre in Green Bay, The Frozen Tundra. The fans hated him at first and didn't want to let go of the legacy before him. Once this kid got in he gave them a ring and playoff appearances. That's the problem with fans in the NFL, they don't give anyone a chance and then as soon as a mistake is made they turn their backs on you like you never made them a powerhouse. At least Green Bay did this at the beginning of his career and not now. His arm is powerful, he is precise and despite cold weather, he delivers. I do think Aaron will win another championship in his career within 5 years, he's young, about to turn 30. Great player, he came out with the Ric Flair championship belt. lol...

Joe Flacco has given people in Baltimore a reason to be happy during playoff time by outplaying great quarterbacks and always winning at least one playoff game a year for the last 5 years. Joe Flacco defeated Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to go to the Super Bowl last year and win versus Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. It was a great run, 11 TD's, no picks or fumbles, also SB MVP. Is Joe Flacco ELITE??? Hell NO. The Elite tag stopped at Aaron Rodgers. Joe Flacco is better in late season. And the press, whether it be ESPN, FS1 or any sports outlet will throw this Elite tag around like Sean "Puffy" Combs throws his name around. Understand something, the Baltimore Ravens paid 120 mil for the QB that fit their system, not the Broncos or Patriots system. The comparisons to Tom, Peyton and even Aaron are unfair. He does have the same amount of rings as Peyton and Aaron but that's where it stops. He is not the QB that makes his WR core better, he just goes with the flow and by late season things seem to get better. He reminds me of Terry Bradshaw, I don't like the Pittsburgh Steelers but I think the comparison is right on, he managed the offense with players like Lynn Swann and Franco Harris and had a defense like the Ravens had in 2000. Think about it...

Tony Romo, Tony Romo... How does Jerry Jones pay a man that has only won one playoff game while with the franchise? Do you really think this kid will deliver after the payday??? Romo is not ELITE at all, he is not a proven winner and I think if he was with New England or Denver he still wouldn't be a winner. This is just how I feel. I really don't think he will ever get a ring because his GM is horrible at his job and it's time to let someone else do it. Until they go to the championship or make at least two consistent runs to the NFC Championship there is really no positive.

At least Matt Ryan finally made it to the NFC Championship game last year and despite losing, he gave a valiant effort. Not ELITE though. Matt has made it to the playoffs and even though he had the same track record as Romo he was still better, and then last year just made him even better. This year his team was overrun with injuries to Roddy White, Julio Jones and Stephen Jackson... That is your offense in a nutshell and the NFC South will belong to the Saints or Panthers this year.

RG3 had the best completion percentage of any NFL QB for the majority of the season last year. RG3 is not ELITE, I do love this kid on the field though. Look back at the history of the NFL, running QB's don't win championships. So many Redskin fans were in awe when they got him, they seemed to have neglected what they lost in the process. Yes they won the NFC East last year by going on a 6 game winning streak, but 2 of those games he didn't even play because of the ACL injury he sustained in the win versus the Ravens. When the played Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in the wildcard round he re-injured and was done until this season. As much as I like this kid, he is not in the class of Steve Young. Until D. Snyder gets him some help on defense. Robert is also changing, attitude wise that is, he needs someone to put that arm around him and let him know not to become Kanye West and continue to be a winner in his heart and his mind, with his talent, the rest will come.

To all you fans upset that I didn't include your QB in this discussion, why would I??? I think Eli is done, saying that, I still don't think Romo is better. Russell Wilson and Colin K. are similar to RG3 to me, too much mobility, not enough QB. Even though Seattle is outstanding on offensive and defense and is the NFC favorite to the SB, I don't see them winning it. Think about it like this, without Marshawn "The Beast" I don't think Russell would be as great as he seems. I could be wrong, but if I'm not wrong it still means that "It is what it is."


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