Underground Comic-Con 2013 by Underground Comixxx

Earlier this month we here at was part of an exciting and special event. This event was the first annual Underground Comic-Con, and it was held in Wilmington, Delaware. This event was hosted by the UnderGround Comixxx team. The reason this event was special is because it allowed independent artist, writers and publishers an opportunity to meet fans of their trade. This event was also free, and provided a constructive, safe and exciting event for fans of all ages. We were onsite promoting our 2014 project LOEL. Of course you have seen all of our post around LOEL, so ensure you support the Kickstarter! Ensure you check out the photos from the event below.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The world of Underground Comixxx! Underground Comixxx's online impact will be developed soon by our parent company "UnitedTHREE Media"! We will ensure fanboyz of independent comics will have easy access to all of  Underground Comixxx's products.
We have partnered with this awesome company to bring our fans our very own Comic Book series. Ensure you stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming project. 
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