Why Nintendo? 2DS Announced! Oct. 12 For $129.99 reported earlier today that Nintendo has released details on their newest hardware.
The Nintendo 2DS is coming and will be released in USA/Canada on October 12, 2013 for $129.99
This new device will play all DS games in 2D. This allows owners of this new system to play all of the available 3DS games including old DS games as well with out adjusting any settings. Additionally the system will not resemble any current DS, as this version will be in a fixed, slate form factor. Nintendo's intro is embedded at the end of this post.

Initial Reaction!

Just like I posted on Twitter, this "thing" is ugly as ugly gets. Additionally I do not understand what Nintendo is trying to accomplish with this device. Yes there are gamers who do not "like" 3D games, yet they can still purchase a 3DS and turn the 3D off! I believe the price point is a stretch as well, and feel like $99 or under would make more sense. I feel like this is Nintendo's way to try and stay in the news, and create a buzz around their brand and product, with the upcoming next gen systems from Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo should have used their energy and resources to come up with a ground breaking game that would ultimately force buyers to purchase the struggling WiiU to experience said game. 
There is my rant about this new system. What do you think? Will this matter?

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