In a time where the "race card" should be put in the garbage, it seems to still be played even with a African American president. I HATE racial undertone, did you know the republicans in Missouri embraced a Barack Obama rodeo clown? PLEASE FORGIVE ME...
This is not meant to be an overly political blog, but it seems that racial undertones never left us, not only with the parody of the president but in the comic book world as well.

I really urge you to read two blogs when you get the chance:

A lot of readers disrespected and hated on the Luke Cage blog, as it was a response to Marvel Comics VP Tom Brevoort's TWITTER post about Black representation in comics. Being that the blog was vulgar and pushed the envelope it upset comic book fans and even Tom Brevoort as well. I laughed quite a bit at the comment made about the X-Men's Rogue having the "ratchet booty" and the fact that she meets the black culture some what more than some of the black characters in Marvel.

Now please, let's not mention Black Panther, out of the whole Marvel-616 he's from the made up place in Wakanda, Africa and being African and African American are two totally different things. This whole "race card" is pulled by black and white people, Asians and Dominicans don't seem to give two shits. Has anyone seen the Mighty Avengers variant cover???

Not to mention Mighty Avengers #1 is one of the most Heavily Unordered books... I guess no one bites on diversity. What do you think of the cover? I, as a writer, critic and realist don't get offended by much these days, but I can see why people, black and white, were upset. Racial undertone is still a major factor in the success of black figures.

Idris Elba, outstanding actor was in the running to be the next James Bond, but c'mon, really... Bond is white, he needs to stay white for the continuation of 007. Can you imagine the response the movie would get? Whether the movie is big screen platinum or not it would not be received, and I could imagine the tweets and how many times the word "nigger" and "nigga" would be used as if it was at the fault of Idris for playing a historic role. What about Superman? I'm sure it makes you cringe just thinking about it...
Clark Kent grew up in Kansas on a farm, his whole class was white. His identity would have been discovered because of his demeanor, I'm just saying, some characters based on history can't be black. Nick Fury on the other hand was different, Marvel had a plan, we all know that Nick was a white dude with gray streaks and an eye patch, but the Marvel cinematic universe went in a different direction by using a black man named Samuel L. Jackson to play him. I remember when Sam Mutha F'n Jackson was cast to play Nick Fury, for months he got put on blast, even being described as "that nigga they got playing Nick Fury." But no one seemed to care that #1 the Ultimate Marvel universe depicts Nick as a black man and #2 "The Hoff" as Nick Fury sucked... To be fair out here you must be diverse and even with 85% of the Mighty Avengers being black it's already being crapped on like it will be a bad book. With the Ultimate universe more than likely ending soon, they decided that the best thing to do was bring Ultimate Morales to the Marvel-616, let's hope the powers that be doesn't let Deadpool shit on him too!

SOME people don't realize the ignorance in their ways or in the comments they make, and I do understand that in the fantasy world of comic books no one gives a shit. But think about what you say first, the "race card" is so lame, especially in comics, get a grip and spend your money on Wednesdays...

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