A New Corporation? A Look At WWE's New Faction!

On Sunday 8-18-13 the landscape of the WWE changed. During the second biggest PPV of the year "Summerslam" we saw an unexpected change of events! Triple H turned heel and his back on the WWE Universe, and aligned with his Families vision of the future of the WWE.

Randy Orton cashed in his Money In The Bank contract and with the help of Triple H, he took the title from a deserving Daniel Bryan. The next night on Raw we may have seen the unofficial beginning of a new power faction, or "Corporation"! I doubt WWE will name the group this but we will see them take over and run the WWE, probably to Survivor Series or even Wrestlemania. Lets look at this Powerful group a little deeper.

  • WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon
  • WWE Executive Vice President, Talent Stephanie McMahon
  • WWE COO, Triple H
  • WWE General Manager, RAW Brad Maddox
  • WWE Champion Randy Orton
  • WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose
  • WWE Tag Team Champions Rollins & Reigns 
That list above equals power! This group has the top executives and champions of the company. 

One of the things I liked about the forming of this group was Triple H's promo on Raw. They kept it real to past WWE events and storylines and did not break logic doing it. Triple H acknowledged his mega, personal, feud with the new Champion Randy Orton, a feud that started when Triple H turned his back on the young champ.

With "personal" feelings put aside, we now have the perfect heal faction to push the WWE faces.

Who could join the faction?
One possibility that could happen is the WWE could have this new Corporation capture all of the titles in the company. I know this is very "TNA like" but it is new to the WWE Universe and something we haven't seen in a long time. At Night of Champions, they could have the Shield assist Damian Sandow in cashing in his Money in The Bank contract on the new World Heavy Weight Champion Rob Van Dam. Additionally Heyman and the MchMahons could put aside their personal differences and the the corporation would gain the IC Champ and the Beast Brock as well.

Who will challenge this faction for the rest of the year?
The list of challengers for the new corporation has already started to shape up. You could have the new face of the company Daniel Bryan align with other superstars that are negativity affected by this new faction. CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Mark Henry, and others could become allies to take on the power. Additionally The Rock and John Cena would join the "face" side at some point later in the year.

This civil war could lead to great payoffs in the upcoming PPVs for the rest of the year, up to and including Wrestlemania!
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