We are fans of a lot of things, hence why we created this site to share our interest, views, opinions and anything else we can put our minds too! This brings us to one of our next projects, LOEL! LOEL is a very important project for us, that has been years in the making. What is LOEL? LOEL is an epic Graphic Novel written by our team here at As huge fans of comics we will ensure that this project will be successful, innovative, and enjoyable for our future readers. Our road block is the fact that we are not artist! 

So we are starting a "reaching out" campaign.
We are Currently looking for talented artists to bring the characters to pages. We have notes and basic concept sketches.
We are looking for Variant artists & Sketchbook artists for the "LOEL.Project"
Want to be a part of the "LOEL.Project"? Send samples and a Bio to:

LOEL is a independent Graphic Novel in development by It's based on young Loel in the year 2055 AD, who is forced to protect her family & friends from the vicious Heller. This book is a mixture of tech-mech & genetics. The next great female hero. LOEL...
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