The Future is Here - Wearable Tech!

Google Glass is now!
The future is now! Fans of science fiction and sci fi movies have been waiting to use gadgets just like the ones they have seen in the movies or read about in their books! Thanks to Google and a handful of other companies, we now have the technology and products to purchase and enjoy; gadgets that we wear.

Star Trek - Past!
Just think of the Star Trek fanboys or "Trekkie's that will be able to feel like their inner Geordi La Forge from the TV series. Maybe not that far but the sky is the limit for this tech. Since the announcement of Google's Project Glass, many other companies have released some hints of future wearable products, and even released products to wear now.

The hype around wearable tech. this year is based mostly around watches. Thanks to the record setting Kick Starter project Pebble, the "big boys" in the tech world have taking noticed and are preparing to release their own smart watches in the near future. Sony has released their new SmartWatch 2 and you can see the specs in the picture below.

Additionally both Apple and Google are rumored to be developing smart watches for release later this year. While there is not allot of details on these 2 watches, you would have to believe they will have enough features to make the fanboys of each company go to war.

Are you excited about the upcoming wearable gadgets?
Personally I am excited about the upcoming wearable tech that I can get my hands, well..., wear on. I am intrigued mostly by the smart watches. As a fan of fashionable watches, having the option to use a smart watch that will cost around $100 less than my Michael Kors time piece, why not! The real question is will I get used to checking my Facebook updates on my wrist? I do know that having the option to read a missed call or scroll through a recent text will be enjoyable. Wearable tech is here and here to stay! Will you be joining the next wave of technology? Will you keep your $800 phone in your pocket and check Facebook on your wrist?
Only time will tell. - See what I did there?

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