Pacific Rim! The World Changes on 7-12

This is not a review of Pacific Rim like the ones you may have seen on the internet recently. We have not been blessed enough to have an opportunity to see the screens for this movie. Yet we will ensure we check it out on Friday night to soak in the packed movie theater atmosphere. This is a must for summer blockbusters!
Pacific Rim has garnered allot of positive attention since Warner has shown the film to critics and "regular" movie goers alike. Currently on Rotten Tomatoes the critics have scored Pacific Rim an 83%! That is a refreshing big number for an original summer over the top Sci-fi action film. Additionally social media has been on fire about this movie as well. Check out the tweets below:

When we first started learning about this movie we made a quick post here on our site back in December, saying that this movie would be the surprise of the summer!

Remember that the competition this summer is very, very strong! With heavy hitters like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness, and one of the most anticipated films of all time Man of Steel, how will Pacific Rim rank? Hopefully a movie with this hype will result in very strong opening weekend sales numbers. Go out and see it! Support masterpieces, and remember this is coming from someone who hasn't even seen it yet.

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