iPhone 5 "Cheap"

For the Apple fans that are on a budget, we have some updates for you! Apple has already hinted at releasing a lower cost phone that would compete with the lower grade Android devices. And today photos leaked that may have confirmed this.

The current iPhone 5 is considered a premium device that only a few Android phones compete with. From the HD screen to the the "high end materials" that complete the device, you essentially get what you pay for.
iOS fans, celebs and fanboyz pride their selves on having the latest Apple iPhone and based on their funds or contract rotation depends on which one you will get. But what about the iOS fans that cannot afford to keep upgrading but would like a current device? This is where the iPhone 5 C comes in.

Who is this low cost iPhone for? Users who:

  • Are using a 3GS
  • Are using an iPhone 4
  • Are using an iPhone that cuts their hand and face
  • Are using an iPod Touch as their phone ("Text me don't call")
  • Android users who want an iPhone but are stuck in a contract. 
So far there is not allot of details for this new iPhone, and due to some legal actions picture were released of the box the will house the iPhone 5 C. We do know that this device will be made of plastic, and have lower specs than the current iPhone 5. Hopefully more details will surface soon. 
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