Comic Con 2013 - - Slightly Bitter (UPDATES)

San Diego Comic Book Convention

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
On the positive note, Jamie Foxx as Electro is actually working now. It's not over the top nor are they pushing the envelope too hard across the table. With Rhino, Harry Osborn & Norman Osborn also appearing in this movie, this MIGHT be the dim light shining bright next year.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
When Hugh Jackman presented The Wolverine that releases later this month, he opened up the panel for FOX/Marvel's next film X-Men: Days of Future Past. What I DO LIKE is the Sentinels and Bishop, what I do not like is the fact that we don't really know what this story is yet... It could be a mixture of the great 80's arc and the cartoon version or it could be something totally different, you never know with FOX. X-Men 1 was ehh, X-Men 2 was good and X-Men: First Class was decent, everything else that FOX/Marvel has put out has been sewage juice, this movie better not be a bust... And why is Quicksilver even going to be in this movie? Because they wanted to take a stab at Marvel Studios & Avengers 2, so petty.

By Far the dumbest decision of comic con... So you are going to make the sequel to Man of Steel based off of a Batman story. Frank Miller created The Dark Knight Returns, based on Bruce Wayne not being Batman for over 10 years and the streets of Gotham were overrun with mutant gangs. Bruce decided to put back on his suit, meanwhile in Washington DC, Superman is the right hand man to the President and he is sent to put the Bat in check. Great story, checkout the TPB or Blu Ray. So after the major success of Man of Steel, you decide to do a Worlds Finest movie??? No Flash movie, No Wonder Woman movie??? Basically skip over the relationships you've had with the JLA, I think its stupid...

Guardians of the Galaxy
I think I am looking forward to this film more and more... With the full cast set, the only question I have is who the main villain will be... Will Thanos be the ass kicker in this movie? I ask because it doesn't look like he will be in Avengers 2... 
Karen Gillen shaved her head for her role as Nebula and Benecio Del Toro is playing The Collector. What does this story lead to? Of course we do have Thor & Captain America to release before and Marvel Studio teasers help a lot.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
The Age of Ultron is in my Top 5 Worst arcs EVER... It hasn't even totally ended yet. This story is based on Wolverine?!?!? Sue Storm?!?!? and Hank Pym!!! Now Marvel Studios can't do work with Wolverine nor Sue Storm and Hank Pym hasn't been introduced to the universe yet... ANT-MAN has, but not Hank Pym. Ant-Man releases in 2015 and will be based on Scott Lang, not Hank, however I'm sure Hank will be in the movie. So how do you build a story out of something that really isn't there? And what of Thanos??? He was the villain confirmed in the 1st Avengers film, but villain to what? A lot of stuff is releasing before Avengers 2, we've got Thor 2, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, so within these 4 films where does Phase 2 take us???

I hope this isn't Brian Michael Bendis' way of forcing that nonsense arc down the throats that people that either hated it or never wanted anything to do with it. There was NO REAL "HYPE" moment...

It has been confirmed that The Ant-Man director Edgar Wright, that Ant-Man WILL be Hank Pym & not Scott Lang. Now it makes it more understandable to come with an Ultron story, the issue is, if it is not the actual Age of Ultron arc they are following in Avengers 2, why name it that??? 

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